‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Week 4: Olivia’s Striptease Fail, Ben’s Fantasy Date In Vegas Ends In Heartbreak — Who Goes Home This Week?

Olivia Caridi Striptease Bachelor Ben

Who does Bachelor Ben Higgins send home on Monday night? Episode 4 airs January 25 and by the time the rose ceremony rolls around, three girls will be left broken-hearted, including one of the Ferguson twins.

With only 14 ladies left in the competition to win Ben’s heart, getting a rose this week is extremely important. The cast and crew head to Las Vegas and while everyone will go on dates with Ben, only two girls will score a one-on-one.

Who leaves, who stays, and who has a panic attack during the group date? Check out the spoilers and preview videos below to get the latest scoop. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to watch the drama unfold on the Bachelor, followed by the last episode of Bachelor Live at 10 p.m. ET.

Who Gets A Date With Ben This Week?

Group Date: 12 girls will head to the Terry Factor show with Ben to perform in a talent show — Lauren B., Lauren H., Rachel, Amber, Leah, Amanda, Jen, Olivia, Jubilee, Caila, and the Ferguson twins, Haley and Emily.

ABC’s previews show Olivia having a panic attack — is she Kelsey Poe 2.0? Did she have a meltdown because Lauren B. got the group date rose, was she embarrassed about her on-stage strip tease, or was Olivia just looking for a little extra attention from Ben? Fans will see this play out on tonight’s show.

One-on-One Dates: Becca Tilley and JoJo Fletcher both get date cards for a one-on-one this week.

Although a wedding dress will come with Becca’s date card, she won’t be walking down the aisle with Ben — she’ll help Ben officiate at a wedding at the famous Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas. Becca will get a rose, but is she really there for love or does she have the Bachelorette gig on her mind?

Reality Steve‘s spoilers point to JoJo going gambling with Ben and then taking a helicopter ride that doesn’t start out well (see video below). Fortunately, her date ends with a rose and she will secure her spot as one of this season’s frontrunners.

Two-on-One Date: The Ferguson twins not only go on a group date, they get an extra date with Ben this week that ABC is calling a “Twin-on-One.” Has Ben’s fantasy date finally come to true? 

The girls live and work in Vegas, so they take Ben on a tour of the city. However, it will be clear to most fans that this is the producers way of getting one twin off the show. Ben doesn’t wait for the rose ceremony and lets Haley go at the end of the date. Her sister Emily is rumored to last a few more episodes before she is sent home, but it won’t come as a big surprise if they both show up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Who Goes Home At The Week 4 Rose Ceremony?

Haley is eliminated earlier in the show, so Ben will only have to break two girls’ hearts at the rose ceremony. Fans can expect to see Rachel Tchen and Amber James leave on Monday night. Rachel didn’t spend much time with Ben, so she probably isn’t that surprised. Amber, who failed to find love with Chris Soules (Season 19) and on Bachelor in Paradise 2, may shed a few tears as she exits the mansion, but there are rumors that she may return to Paradise this summer.

The traveling continues next week as Ben and his remaining 10 ladies head to Mexico City. Two more girls will say goodbye and Olivia will go on yet another group date. More meltdowns ahead?

Watch the Bachelor on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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