A Lot Of NFL Players Have Withdrew From The Pro Bowl

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are the latest players to withdraw from the “ultra-exclusive” Pro Bowl. They join a lot of others who aren’t interested in a free trip to Hawaii. 

Brady pulls out every year. Ain’t nobody got time for that, apparently. Also, he took 23 hits in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game so he likely needs rest and recovery. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will take his place. He was “the eighth player at his position to be either invited or announced,” in addition to the six quarterbacks actually voted in. In the QB position, Russell Wilson is the only player voted in who hasn’t declined his invitation. 

Gronkowski and Brady were two of seven Patriots to earn the honor, along with, cornerback Malcolm Butler, special-teams captain Matthew Slater, kicker Stephen Gostkowski, defensive end Chandler Jones and linebacker Jamie Collins. Most of the players are injured. All rejected the “honor.” 

The 2016 Pro Bowl will set the record for the most players named to the event because of all of the rejected invitations. By Tuesday, 133 players were named. Originally, 86 players were selected. Only 14 won’t be playing because of the Super Bowl. 

Some players might even be faking injuries to get out of the commitment. 

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