Gilbert Arenas Implies That Shaq Gave His Baby Mama Laura Govan An STD

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas and his baby mama Laura Govan have been fighting for years over just about everything. Currently, it’s a custody battle. Arenas took their most recent issues to Instagram. MediaTakeOut grabbed the photo before Gilbert deleted the post

Arenas makes a refer to “itchy O’Neal.” It was rumored a few years ago that Shaq and Govan had a relationship while he was married to his now ex-wife. Shaq’s last name is, of course, O’Neal. 

Arenas wasn’t done there. In his comments, he implies that Govan has done some crazy stuff to him. 

Gilbert Arenas

MediaTakeOut reports that Arenas and Govan are currently facing off in a defamation lawsuit. 

He claims she caused several news outlets to publish “false accusations” that he infected her with sexually transmitted diseases. 

After Arenas and Govan broke up, she sent him an email. It said, “when I left you it was because I couldn’t take the STDs.” He says that this is a fraudulent claim. The email was leaked to media outlets. 

Arenas has gotten a restraining order because Govan has become “so destructive” since their relationship ended. He said she says she isn’t allowed to come any closer than 100 yards and she has to take court-ordered anger management classes.

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