10 Biggest Moments From The Patriots/Broncos Game

Bill Belichick

The Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl after a very social media friendly AFC Championship game. 

Tablets didn’t work. Refs helped out the Broncos. Tom Brady was sad. Gronk fell down. And, it all came down to a missed kick. 

Here are the 10 biggest moments from the game. 

1. Gronk Fall Down 

Rob Gronkowski slipped on concrete like he was Reggie Bush or something. 

He was fine and went on to do many Gronk things. 

2. Bill Belichick Tried Life Without A Hoodie

Bill Belichick changed after the first half of the game. He tried life without a hoodie. Did not enjoy it.

Oddly enough, things improved greatly for the Pats after the change up. 

3. Celebration Dancing 

Where there is winning football, there is dancing. 

4. Gronk’s Touchdown 

Gronk’s touchdown almost did it for the Pats. But, it just wasn’t enough. 

5. The Missed Kick 

Really brutal. Poor guy. He’s gonna be walking around Boston with a Johnny Manziel disguise. 

6. Gronk Wasn’t Held… 

Gronk wasn’t held. Except for when he was.

7. Bill Belichick, The Big Meanie

You can’t say excuse me, Bill? 

8. Peyton Doing Whatever This Is

This is the “I get away with everything” dance? 

9. The Refs Help Out The Broncos

No comment. 

10. Ew 

You like that? 


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