People Weren’t Impressed By Ronda Rousey’s SNL Performance

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday night and some people weren’t very impressed by her performance. To be far, athletes almost always cause suffering on the show. Remember Shaq and pretty much every other NBA player ever? Most hosts are actors or entertainers so they have experience. When Drake hosted, he reportedly started preparing far in advance. And, he has acting experience. Rousey didn’t have that luxury. She didn’t have to learn to act to be in “Entourage.”

Cris Cyborg led the way with the burns. 

Maybe Rousey shouldn’t have made those steroid comments. At least, Cyborg’s jokes aren’t funny either. 

More people joined Cyborg in the Ronda roast. 

SNL’s writers didn’t give Rousey a lot to work with. However, as she says in her opening monologue, everything else in New York City was closed so it was legitimately the only show in town. It’s not like there were better things to do. 

Here are some of her sketches. 

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