Panthers’ Cam Newton Is 50/50 In Cold Weather Games

Cam Newton

Cam Newton will face what might be the last obstacle of his historic season on Sunday. He’s 50/50 in the two games he’s played in freezing temperatures. 

The NFC Championship Game will take place in the bitter cold. The Washinton Post reports temperatures at the opening kick will fall somewhere below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. A kind of cold Altanta’s Newton is unaccustomed to. 

The Post reports. 

Newton has played only two games in temperatures lower than 40 degrees. Last November, the Panthers lost to the Vikings, 31-13, in 12-degree weather in Minnesota. Newton completed 18 of 35 passes for 194 yards with a touchdown and an interception while rushing for 49 yards. Late in the 2012 season, Newton played a 36-degree night game in Philadelphia, which Carolina won, 30-22, as Newton passed for 306 yards, ran for 52 and accounted for four touchdowns.

The Panthers have moved their practices outside in anticipation of how cold it is expected to be on Sunday night. 

Panthers coach Ron Rivera says Newton is embracing the weather. 

“If you’d have seen him outside, you’d have loved it,” Coach Ron Rivera said. “He was having a good time. We’ve practiced in the rain. We’ve practiced in the cold. We’ve practiced in the snow before. He was just him. It’s every football player’s dream to play in the snow. This is just an opportunity for him to live out one of those dreams.”

Newton won’t wear gloves on Sunday. Some quarterbacks opt to wear them to improve their grip in the cold. Rivera says his big hands don’t need the extra help. 

Arizona’s Carson Palmer learned how to handle the ball in the cold as a Cincinnati Bengal. 

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