Becca Tilley Top Contender For Next ‘Bachelorette’? How Far Does Becca Make It With ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins?

Becca Tilley Ben Higgins

Becca Tilley gets her first one-on-one date with Bachelor Ben Higgins on Monday night but is she on the show to find love or another reality show gig?

The 26-year-old San Diego was the runner-up on Chris Soules season of the Bachelor, and the Iowa farmer recently told Jimmy Kimmel that it’s a little weird seeing Becca on Ben’s season.

“It’s a little weird … apparently I wasn’t enough. She’s gotta go back for a second round?”

Many fans felt that Chris would have proposed to Becca if she was ready for marriage and there is speculation that the Iowa farmer ended up picking Whitney Bischoff as a default.

If Becca wasn’t ready a year ago, is she more prepared for marriage now that she’s on Ben’s season, or is she focused on becoming the next Bachelorette?

Reality Steve recently revealed that Ben told Becca that he did not want her to come on the show and was more interested in girls who weren’t from a previous season. However, the producers have the final call about the cast, so they ignored Ben’s request and brought her on the show.

Fans will get a better idea about Becca’s interest in Ben when she goes on her first one-on-one date with him on Monday night (January 24). Photos released by ABC (above) show Becca kissing Ben, so they either have good chemistry or Ben is channeling his inner Chris Soules and kissing as many ladies as he can before he makes his final pick.

How long does Becca stay on the show and is she really being considered as the next Bachelorette?

After their stay in Vegas, Ben, and his remaining girls will travel to Mexico City (Episode 5, February 1) and the Bahamas (Episode 6, February 8). Spoilers indicate that Becca will get through both rose ceremonies and will travel on to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana (Episode 7, February 15).

During filming last October, Reality Steve tweeted that Becca would move on to the hometown dates, but his corrected spoilers reveal that Ben sent her home at the rose ceremony on Episode 7 (Indiana).

The next Bachelorette won’t be revealed until Ben’s season wraps up, but there’s a good chance it won’t be Becca. Mike Fleiss, the show’s creator, recently told Us Weekly that they are hoping to cast a “non-white” Bachelorette next. That would put Becca out of the running, with rumors that Jubilee Sharpe or Caila Quinn are now frontrunners for the gig.

If Becca isn’t asked to be the 2016 Bachelorette and she doesn’t want to leave the reality show limelight, there’s always the possibility that she will be considered for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Would you like to see Becca Tilley as the next Bachelorette?


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