All The Non-Basketball Stuff That Happened During Saturday’s NBA Games

Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Lin

A lot of non-basketball things happen during NBA games. Thanks to social media, those moments are now documented by the world wide web. 

Here are Saturday night’s non-basketball highlights. 

It was rumored that Carmelo Anthony disliked Jeremy Lin when the two played for the Knicks. Looks like those rumors were true… 


This is actually a basketball highlight but it’s cool so it counts. New Cavs coach LeBron James and his team played the Bulls. James came out of nowhere to block Derrick Rose, proving to everybody he can balance being a player with his new coaching responsibilities. 

On the topic of LeBron, Stan Van Gundy is really not impressed about David Blatt’s firing. 

Also, rooting for the Warriors is still great. 

Anthony Davis hurt somebody’s feelings. 

LaVine warmed up for the Slam Dunk Contest. Which is smart because it’s cold in Toronto. 

And, Steph Curry owned the night. Again. 

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