’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Amy Duggar Says 21-Day Fast With Husband Will Improve Marriage

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“19 Kids and Counting” star Amy Duggar King revealed in her latest blog post on her official website Dillianddugs, that she and husband Dillon are fasting as a way to improve their marriage.

The outspoken cousin of the Duggar family revealed in her post that she feels participating in a 21 day fast will help her and husband Dillon improve their marriage.

“I’m currently involved in a fast for the next 21 days. My church is encouraging us to fast from something important in our lives and to focus that time on our spiritual growth,” she revealed of their plans.

“Dillon and I have never fasted before as a couple. So we decided that we would give up television and use that time instead to focus on our marriage. We read together and pray but we don’t have a routine down yet,” Duggar King explained.

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But it’s not only fasting from television to focus more on each other, explained King. The former reality star is also giving up sweets in addition to television.

“In addition to reading and praying more as a couple, I am also giving up sweets which is seriously going to be a struggle!” she quipped.

“I realize bikini season is coming up and I also just want to feel better about the choices I make regards to eating so for 21 looong days I’m going to say no to McDonald’s apple pies, Ben Jerry’s and anything carbonated,” Duggar King shared.

Then she slammed cousin Josh Duggar for his infidelities.

“Not only is this fast healthy for us individually, we believe it will strengthen our marriage! The divorce rate is through the roof these days! Cheating on your spouse is an epidemic,” declared Amy.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King did not appear on TLC’s most recent outing featuring the Duggar family, “Jill Jessa: Counting On.”


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