Players Thought Kevin Love Had Been Traded When Cavs Called Team Meeting

Kevin Love

Some of Kevin Love’s teammates thought he had been traded on Friday when the Cleveland Cavaliers called a team meeting. 

Word is that people in the Cavaliers’ most inner circle knew it would be either Love or David Blatt on their way out.  

The second part of the tweet is obviously a joke in reference to LeBron’s influence over the team and its management. There are many reports that say Lebron James wasn’t consulted in the decision to fire the team’s head coach halfway through the season. A source told that James didn’t get special privileges on Friday

“He found out with the rest of the team,” said the source. “He had no idea.” 

While it turned out head coach Blatt was the one to go, some of the Cavs thought it would be Love. 

The team has promoted LeBron’s choice of a new coach, assistant Tyronn Lue, whom James reportedly trusts and supports. 

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