Kim Kardashian Losing Weight With Atkins: ‘KUWTK’ Star Making Thousands Tweeting About Low-Carb Diet

Kim Kardashian Baby Weight Loss

Almost two months after the birth of her son Saint, Kim Kardashian is almost half way to her weight loss goal. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently revealed that she gained 60 pounds during her second pregnancy and is hoping to lose a total of 70 so she can be back at what she calls her “ideal weight” of 120 pounds.

Earlier this week, Kim tweeted that she has shed 30 pounds since Saint was born on December 5. The mother of two is a brand ambassador for Atkins, a low-carb diet plan, and claims that she is using the program to lose another 40 pounds.

The Huffington Post reports that when Kim teams up with a brand, she can rake in as much as $20,000 per tweet, so there’s a big incentive for her to promote the diet.

According to WetPaint, Kim followed the Atkins weight loss plan to help her lose 50 pounds after she gave birth to her daughter North West two years ago. In less than four months, she took off 43 pounds, crediting a combination of Atkins and exercise.

On Tuesday, Kim promised to share her Atkins plan and the details of her daily workout with fans via her $2.99 per month app. So far, she’s just been tweeting links to the plan and telling her fans how much she loves the company’s Harvest Trail Bars.

Of course, her fans would like to believe she’s actually using the low-carb, high protein diet and not just making money promoting it.

Whether she is using Atkins or not, Kim seems to be serious about losing weight, even if she enjoys a cheat day here and there.

According to E! News, she’s staying on track but “still allows herself to cheat.”

“Running around with the kids definitely helps with shedding some weight, and she has been working out and eating healthy,” a source tells E! “She still eats things that may not be the best for her but does everything in moderation.”

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