‘Scream Queens:’ Big Changes For Season Two Of Fox Hit Series?

scream queens

“Scream Queens” will be adding four new male cast members in season two of the hit Ryan Murphy Fox series.

According to E! News, the new cast members will all play doctors.

But who will play these four new residents?

Fox had announced of season two’s changes that the series would shift its focus away from the college campus-heavy storylines of season one.

Season two will now be set in a hospital.

Murphy revealed that four cast members from season one will return and it is known that Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, and Lea Michelle will be three.

Who will be the fourth returning cast mate?

Season two will focus on a “terrifyingly funny murder mystery,” according to the network.

Fox’s Gary Newman let fans in on what they could expect for the upcoming season for their favorite coeds.

“I don’t think it’s anything like Murphy’s “American Horror Story: Asylum,” which was set in a period,” Newman remarked.

“Medical is an incredibly rich area to tell stories in. Ryan has always loved the medical area, so it seemed like a great broad area,” he continued.

What Newman could reveal was that Murphy was working on hammering out the details of season two of “Scream Queens.”

“Our instinct is that at least a few of those characters will be back as the same actors playing the same roles, but there will be a time jump and they’ll be in a different setting,” he revealed.

According to Movie Fone, Lea Michele, who was revealed to be the Red Devil killer, remarked of season two, “I’m already waiting, I’m patiently waiting! Obviously, Ryan has shared with a few of us what his ideas for next year are and I think that they’re so exciting and I’m down,” she gushed.

The actress continued, “I think it will be really great too to see Hester in that environment. Ryan shared that next year there would be a whole new killer and so to see her really in the position of being the victim, I think would be really fun to play.”

“Scream Queens” returns to Fox sometime in 2016.

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