It’s Unknown If Patrick Kane Was In LA Night Sexual Assault Occurred

Patrick Kane

The validity of Patrick Kane’s sexual assault allegations rests on whether or not the team stayed over on the night the incident is said to have occurred. This is not to say the assault did occur if Kane was in Los Angeles.   

It’s unknown if the Chicago Blackhawks left Los Angeles immediately after their game against the Los Angeles Kings in 2014. 

A tweet from a teammate suggests that the Hawks stayed the night. 

If Bryan Bickell’s family was waiting for him at O’Hare on the afternoon of Nov. 30, the team did not leave late on the 29th. The flight from Los Angeles to Chicago is only four hours. However, Bickell could have been waiting for his family at arrivals. In that case, there is a chance the Hawks did leave on the evening of the 29th. 

On Thursday, a blog post started circulating online that accuses Kane of a violent sexual assault at a bar in the women’s bathroom after a game in Los Angeles. Warning, the story is graphic. It is unknown if the story is real. 

There are documents on Twitter that show a flight schedule. They have not yet been proven to be real. 

Kane wasn’t charged after facing sexual assault allegations in Buffalo in 2015.

No official statement has been released by Kane or the Blackhawks. 


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