Celine Dion Returning To Vegas Stage Just Six Weeks After Husband And Brother Die

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is mourning the loss of her husband, Rene Angelil, and her brother, Daniel, who died two days apart. According to Access Hollywood, the singer has already notified Caesar’s Palace that she will be returning to her residency next month. Angelil will be laid to rest after a funeral service at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal on January 22. Dion is scheduled to perform in Las Vegas on February 23.

According to People Magazine, Dion is heartbroken over the loss of her husband who lost his battle to cancer a week ago.

“Her heart is in pieces,” said a source.

Celine Dion is coping the best she can and trying to “put on a brave face” for her three sons. In another report by People Magazine, a source says that Dion is doing the best that she can during this difficult time.

A source explained that the couple’s 5-year-old twins are grieving and that their son, Rene-Charles is having a “more difficult time” with the loss.

Back in March, Dion talked about staying positive and being a rock for her boys.

“My kids need me a lot, my husband needs me and I need to keep going. If I’m too withdrawn, I don’t think my family will overcome that. I have to show myself, my husband and my kids and I am strong and we’re okay,” she said.

As far as performing goes, Celine Dion knows that Rene Angelil would have wanted her to get back on stage and to continue to share her gift of song with the world. This is likely the reason that she’s getting back to work.

For so long, Celine dedicated her life to her family. The end wasn’t as wonderful as it should have been, but she doesn’t seem to have any regrets. Rene fought a hard fight and he will live on forever in the hearts of his family.

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