Stephen Baldwin Gives The Thumbs Up To Daughter Hailey’s Boyfriend Justin Bieber

Posted on Wed Jan 20th, 2016 12:25pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Father approved!

Hailey Baldwin’s dad Stephen apparently is a Belieber, because when we asked him about Justin Bieber dating his daughter, he simply gave us the thumbs up! Cool bro!

The Bio Dome star recently told reporters that Hails and JB were “just friends,” but that he’d be OK with it if it turned into something more. “Mr. Bieber is a wonderful young man, hugely talented, got a whole lot more success ahead of him,” he said to TMZ.

We thought they were for sure an official couple, but new reports make it seem like the “Sorry” crooner simply hit it and quit it!

“As soon as [Hailey Baldwin] pushed for a relationship Justin went cold. Unfortunately for Hailey, Justin still just doesn’t have the same sort of feeling for her that he did for Selena. He’s still searching for a girl who made him feel like she did. Right now Justin and [Hailey Baldwin] are just really good friends. Yeah they are hooking up and she definitely wants a commitment from him but lately they have just been ‘f’ buddies,” a source dished to Hollywood Life.

Papa isn’t gonna be too pleased if his little princess gets treated like trash!


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