Ray Rice Still Wants To Make A Comeback

Ray Rice

Ray Rice wants a second chance in the NFL. TMZ caught up with Rice at the airport in Los Angeles and asked him about a possible comeback. 

Rice still hopes to play in the league again, someday. 

“Honestly, I’m never gonna give up,” the former Baltimore Ravens said. “You don’t want to give up on something you started. You want to finish the right way.

The reporter asked Rice if there was a particular team he wants to play for. He says he doesn’t have a preference and would play for any team that wants him. 

“There’s 32 teams. If any one of them calls I’ll be ready.”

Rice was released by the Ravens after a security tape from an elevator was posted on TMZ. In the video, the running back knocked out his then-girlfriend, and now wife, during a fight.    

Rice is currently a free agent. His domestic abuse case was one of the most publicized ever, even inspiring a Law Order episode. However, Greg Hardy got a second chance. Rice showed regret and took some responsibility for the incident. Hardy did not. 

Rice says he still trains like he’s a professional athlete and he’s in playing condition. 

TMZ says the publication spoke with several NFL sources. The news organization says he’s getting “real interest” from teams.

Rice hasn’t played since the 2013 season. 

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