Jamie Foxx Helps Rescue Man Trapped In Burning Car

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx pulled off a heroic movie stunt in real life Monday night when the actor helped rescue a man from a burning vehicle right outside of his front gate. 

TMZ has the report that Foxx leapt into action after seeing a vehicle flip upside down and catch fire on a street near his Hidden Valley home, just northeast of Los Angeles.

Witnesses said Foxx told police that upon hearing the accident, he ran to the scene and noticed the driver was still buckled into his seat. The police report says there was one other witness to the crash and that someone (not necessarily Foxx) used a rescue tool to break the window of the vehicle. Foxx then did not hesitate to put his own life on the line, as he moved quickly to unbuckle the man and drag him away from the vehicle. Luckily, Foxx called 911 before jumping into action and cops and firefighters were able to arrive on the scene quickly. The man was transported to a local hospital with major injuries, including burns from the fire. 

A local blogger broke the story first on Facebook, posting pictures of the destroyed vehicle. Judging from the damage, it definitely looks like Foxx may have saved the man’s life.

Jamie Foxx

The California Highway Patrol did not identify Foxx by name in its report, but Foxx’s publicist, Allison Garman, confirmed his involvement to multiple outlets on Tuesday. Foxx himself has remained silent on his social media accounts.

One key piece of information published in USA Today is that while the crash is still under investigation, the driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. So between that and his injuries, it’s unlikely we’re going to hear from the driver about the incident anytime soon. At the very least, let’s hope he learns from his mistake and appreciates the second chance at life he’s received, thanks in part to Jamie Foxx.

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