Five Times The WWE Was Exposed As Fake


Sometimes, the WWE can’t hide the scripted nature of sports entertainment. People who enjoy wrestling understand that it’s a scripted television show, not a hyped up dramatic version of the UFC. Fans realize it would be totally illegal to bash somebody’s head in with a chair or to throw them off cages. 

The WWE is airtight about the secrets the wrestling industry keeps. However, sometimes secrets get spilled. 

Here are five times wrestling was exposed as fake. 

5. When Seth Rollins Apologized To Sting 

Seth Rollins

At the WWE Night of Champions, Seth Rollins faced Sting. The wrestling legend suffered a serious neck injury during the match. In the following video, Rollins is heard apologizing to Sting. Likely, for causing the injury. 

4. When A Script Leaked Online 


In 2014, a script from the April 15 episode of WWE Raw was posted online. It broke down every detail of what was going to happen on the show, including who would win matches and who would lose matches. It even scripted the backstage promos. 

Everybody knows that this must occur. People understand how television works. However, if you are a fan, it’s still bittersweet when the curtain gets pulled back. 

3. John Cena Calling Moves 

Professional wrestlers get to choose what moves they will performance with opponents in the ring. They whisper to one another the next sequence of events. If the crowd isn’t responding right, they altered the path altering. They tell a story and communicate with each other. However, sometimes they get caught. 

In this video, John Cena is clearly calling the shots

2. Blading

A punch would have to have a lot of power behind it to cause the skin to break. Obviously, in a scripted wrestling show, that’s not happening, regardless of how big or bad the performer looks. In the WWE, bleeding sometimes occurs to add importance or drama to a match or storyline. To blade, a wrestler will intentionally cut himself or herself with a blade. The old but informative video above shows exactly how it’s done. 

1. Matt Hardy’s Starts A Social Media Movement After Being Broken Up With 

In 2005, former WWE superstar Matt Hardy was fired from the WWE after his real life girlfriend had an affair with another wrestler. He was injured at the time and throwing a fit on his personal blog and MySpace about his personal life. People loved it and he gained a lot of popularity and attention. Hardy had real life hatred for his ex and the man she cheated with, Edge. Every time Lita or Edge made an appearance on Raw or Smackdown, they would get heckled for the personal life choices. People would yell at them that they wanted Hardy to return to the company. Real life was being incorporated by Hardy and the fans. 

Soon, Hardy was hired back. A storyline was scripted that bridged the personal lives of these wrestlers with the entertainment show. 


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