NBA ponders taking game to Paris

NBA chief Adam Silver says there are no plans to establish an NBA franchise in Europe, but has said there could be a regular season game in Paris.

After watching the Toronto Raptors beat the Orlando Magic 106-103 in London, Silver revealed another European game was a possibility.

“France has also been a fantastic basketball market – and Paris in particular,” he said.

“I am sure it will be something we look at closely.”

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On the issue of a European franchise, Silver added: “It is something we have looked at over the years.

“It just doesn’t feel like the time is ripe right now.

“We think the best place for the NBA right now is to showcase an NBA game here in London, to play our pre-season games here [in Europe] and to work on a grassroots level to develop the game.

“But at the current time we are not looking at franchises in Europe.”

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