Kim Kardashian Says She’s The Business Mastermind Of The Fam, Not Her Mom Kris

Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2016 1:40pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Leave it up to Kimmy K to take all the credit!

Kim Kardashian is known for her keen business sense, and she just revealed that, contrary to popular belief, it is her and not her mother Kris Jenner who makes the majority of business decisions for the Kardashian family. During a photoshoot and interview for Editorialist, the reality star also discussed her decision to create her own content for her app, and we have to hand it to her for having such a strong work ethic.

I’ll hear stories like, ‘Kris Jenner is the puppet master, having all of her kids do this and that,’ and I’m like, ‘If they only knew!’ I’m the one that will be like, ‘Kylie, do this. Kendall, you should do this,’” she explained to the mag.

It sounds like Yeezy’s wifey was the one who convinced the rest of her sisters to launch their respective apps!

“I definitely see the shift from magazine to digital, and that’s exactly what I envision. I did want my own avenue to tell my story, to show my fashion pics, to offer my beauty tips, my secrets. I was doing so many interviews with so many different magazines, and I would find that it wouldn’t be written right or maybe the product was off or I didn’t feel it was truly representing me,” she added.

And all this time we thought her momager was calling the shots!


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