Celine Dion’s Husband Rene Angelil Dies At 73

Sad news … Celine Dion’s husband Rene Angelil died on Thursday. He was 73 years old.

The French Canadian music manager, who managed Dion’s career when she was 12, died at the couple’s home in Las Vegas, a rep told People.

In 1999, Angelil was diagnosed with throat cancer and eventually had surgery that removed part of his tongue in December 2013. In August 2014, the singer announced that she was postponing her career “indefinitely” to care for the man whom she’s been married to since December 1994. Angelil, who was Dion’s manager for 30 years, stepped down in June 2014.

At the time, Dion said, “I want to devote every ounce of my strength and energy to my husband’s healing, and to do so, it’s important for me to dedicate this time to him and to our children.”

In August 2015, the singer returned to residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Before her first show back, “My Heart Will Go” singer told USA Today, “I didn’t want to be here at first, I don’t need it, Don’t get me wrong, I love singing for people, but I have priorities.” She continued, “Rene really gave me a gift. All my grieving, it was during this last year. I think I’ve got this. For now. When it hits me, it’s going to hit me. But my biggest job is to tell my husband, we’re fine. I’ll take care of our kids. You’ll watch us from another spot.”

The couple have three sons, Rene-Charles, 15, and 5-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson.


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