Today’s Toons 12/21/15

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The Paris Climate Change Conference ended in historic agreement Sunday after two hundred nations signed a non-binding treaty to battle global warming. It wasn’t a moment too soon for the Earth. Statistics increasingly show that global warming is the number-one cause of documentaries.

Amazon banned the sale of Hover-Boards Monday due to the number of young people crashing the self-powered two wheelers on sidewalks and roads. They’re dangerous, but young people love them. In a related story, for the first time a million young people signed up for ObamaCare last week.

The Paris Climate Change Conference ended in a landmark international agreement Sunday in France. Two hundred countries signed an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. Then the delegates drove to the airport in two hundred private limos and flew home in two hundred private jets.

President Obama will fly to Honolulu to begin his annual December vacation on the beaches of sun-splashed Hawaii Friday. He deserves a medal. Two weeks ago in Paris, President Obama said that terrorism is caused by global warming, so he’s decided to travel to the root cause of terrorism.

— Argus Hamilton

A new national poll found that Hillary Clinton is now more than 30 points ahead of Bernie Sanders among Democratic voters. I don’t want to say Hillary is overconfident, but at her last rally, she just stood behind the podium and drank champagne. “I got this.”

— Jimmy Fallon

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