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Dr. Ben Carson went on NBC’s Meet the Press and admitted he was a violent kid before he was a brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins. He said he tried to stab a friend in the car over a radio station he demanded to hear. It’s what you have to do to tune into Rush Limbaugh when you’re in Baltimore.

President Obama reversed course Friday and sent U.S. ground troops to Syria and Iraq to battle ISIS. For seven years in TV speeches he vowed never to send combat troops to Iraq and Syria but Friday he did. You know he’s getting older when President Obama doesn’t support President Obama.

Jeb Bush denied his campaign’s on life support after his last debate performance. The kitchen staff in Kennebunkport is watching closely. If Jeb’s poll numbers don’t put him in the top tier in next week’s debate, he might have to sit at the card table with the grand-kids on Thanksgiving Day.

The Republican Party sent a letter to NBC canceling the GOP debate scheduled in Houston in February on NBC. GOP officials feel NBC has an inherent liberal bias. NBC did look bad when they announced that they will host the GOP debate next February in Houston and that Hillary won it.

Republican presidential candidates met Monday to figure out a way to seize control of the debates from the RNC. The GOP candidates wrote up a long list of demands. For one thing, they want the TV networks hosting the debates to stop promoting the debates as part of their fall comedy line-up.

President Obama said he didn’t break his vow not to send U.S. troops to Syria when he sent U.S. troops to Syria. He said it was nullified when he sent U.S. troops to Iraq, which he’d vowed not to do. Barack Obama’s Syria strategy is so screwed up he’s trying to change the subject to his Iraq strategy.

Barack Obama got laughs Monday saying if GOP candidates can’t take the heat from CNBC moderators, how could they stand up to Russia and China. He himself has not punished China for cyber attacks, he’s allowed Russia to re-imperialize and permitted Iran nuclear weapons. What bothers Anglo-Saxons most about Mr. Obama is his determination to make World War III a fair fight.

— Argus Hamilton

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Donald Trump is in the building getting ready to host “Saturday Night Live.” There’s actually a lot of anti-Trump protesters outside the building — or as Trump put it, “Those people have been lining up for days to see me.”

— Jimmy Fallon


Obama and Putin were walking around out in the country enjoying the scenery and the mild fall weather. On the trail they came across a sheep. When the sheep tried to get away it got its head caught in the fence next to the trail and was stuck. Putin smiled, walked behind the sheep and dropped his drawers and had his way with it. When Putin was done he turned to Obungler and said, “Go ahead it’s your turn!”

Obumbler eagerly walked over and stuck his head in the fence.

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