Today’s Toons 6/1/15

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ISIS held a “massive military parade” in West Anbar province celebrating their victory in Ramadi. I remember back when those were called “a target-rich environment”.

A new poll shows that 46% want George Stephanopoulos banned from campaign coverage for being a secret Clinton donor. The rest said they’d be ok if he’d just lose the skirt & pom-poms.

Martin O’Malley emphasized his “youthfulness” in his 2016 campaign, noting that he’s 15 years younger than Hillary Clinton. True, but Hillary’s got a higher body count.

On the White House’s list of 34 effects of global warming: allergies, asthma, downpours, poverty, and terrorism. They left off #35: million-dollar climate study grants.

The IRS said that identity thieves hacked the IRS website and stole the personal data of over 100,000 taxpayers. Perfect. Just wait until the government is in charge of your medical records.

At a press conference, Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced a $1 million grant program for pool safety awareness. So… $500,000 each for the words “don’t” and “run”?

Iran has threatened to fire “80,000 rockets at Tel Aviv and Haifa”. Gee, too bad those rockets aren’t strictly for peaceful purposes like Iran’s nuclear program.

Speaking to a group of Iraq War vets, National Security Advisor Susan Rice said “we have ended two wars responsibly.” Which would be great news if ISIS had done the same.

— Fred Thompson

The Clinton Foundation admitted it received twenty-six million dollars of previously unreported donations from foreign nations Friday. The same day, Hillary’s fundraising Super PAC reported they are having difficulty raising money. It’s gotten so bad they may have to start reaching out to Americans.

Homeland Security warned Americans to be on the lookout Monday saying al-Qaeda is plotting terror attacks in the U.S. They just revealed the identity of the suspected mastermind of last month’s al-Qaeda’s terror attack in Kenya and the suspect’s name is Mohammed Mohamud. That narrows it down.

President Obama spoke to a Jewish congregation in Washington Friday and promised them that any nuclear deal with Iran would make Israel safer. The president seems to be coming around. He’s still getting over his boyhood horror in Indonesia where he learned that the Jews killed six million Nazis.

Eliot Spitzer’s former wife Silda Wall will host a twenty-seven hundred dollar a head fundraiser called A Conversation with Hillary Clinton. It’s for New York women. No one knows what conversation Silda and Hillary will conduct but for twenty-seven hundred bucks it’d better be Ways to Catch Him Cheating.

President Obama’s executive order telling the Border Patrol to stop deporting illegal aliens was halted by the U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans. The White House is furious. It didn’t improve the president’s mood when he called the courthouse for the verdict and he had to press two for English.

Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott admitted that Obamacare customers have deductibles so high they can’t afford health care. Young people aren’t signing up, premiums are soaring and the website is riddled with mistakes. We won’t know until they find the black box exactly what went wrong.

President Obama stood before reporters Friday and insisted the U.S. was not losing in the Middle East theater of war. There are nation-splitting insurgencies in Yemen, Iraq and Syria plus anarchy in Libya and Tuesday’s rocket-fire from Gaza into Israel. This isn’t a theater of war, this is a multiplex.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans struck down President Obama’s executive order protecting illegal aliens from deportation. This court was the president’s best shot. Louisiana law is based on the Napoleonic Code, the same thing President Obama resorted to after he lost Congress.

The New York Times ripped President Obama for inaction leading up to the fall of Ramadi. ISIS has set fire to Tikrit, they’ve set fire to Mosul and they’ve set fire to Ramadi. Saudi Arabia has just hired a New York ad agency to re-brand ISIS as Climate Change in an effort to get President Obama to declare war.

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