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Al Sharpton got carried away addressing the Ferguson protesters Thursday, telling them they were liberators not looters. He’s a genius at twisting the day’s news to frighten his followers. Last night, Al Sharpton warned the protesters in Ferguson that ice water causes ALS.

President Obama interrupted his vacation to go on TV Wednesday to denounce ISIS and order airstrikes. He ripped into the enemy, ordered executive action, then played eighteen holes of golf. Isn’t the whole idea of a vacation to get away from your regular everyday routine?

The New York Times ripped President Obama for going golfing after he announced the murder of the U.S. reporter in Iraq by ISIS. He went straight from the podium to join his foursome on the first tee. It’s so sad, foursomes had a completely different meaning when Clinton was president.

The Pentagon said that U.S. Special Forces helicoptered into eastern Syria in July to try to rescue U.S. hostages held by ISIS. The chopper’s landing area is still surrounded by footprints that look like golf cleat marks. President Obama insisted there would be no boots on the ground.

The Pentagon stepped up the bombing of the ISIS terrorist army in Iraq Friday following a video of an ISIS jihadist beheading a U.S. journalist. It reflected White House anger. The bombing mission was a clear message to ISIS never to interrupt the president’s vacation again.

President Obama took to the links at Martha’s Vineyard Wednesday eight minutes after he announced the U.S. journalist’s murder by ISIS. It drew heat. PGA pros who play with him say that President Obama is a pretty good golfer for a guy who only plays six or seven times a week.

President Obama continued vacationing Friday despite crises in Iraq, Ukraine, Gaza and Missouri. It proves that he’s America’s most transformational president. Did you ever think you’d see a U.S. president who could get Democrats to defend golf and Republicans to attack golf?

The FBI warned that ISIS issued a tweet vowing to attack a U.S. city and posting a photo of Chicago. No one’s all that concerned. Over the past ten years, the Taliban and al-Qaeda tried to infiltrate Chicago twice and both times Crip gunfire drove them back across the Indiana line.

The GAO said President Obama broke the law trading five Taliban prisoners for Sgt. Bo Bergdahl. What a close call. President Obama could have been in Ferguson when the world learned he broke the law and confronted by police, but he was safe and secure in Golf Cart One.

Joe Biden soared in the presidential polls last week among Democrats who are not happy with Hillary. We all love him as a gaffe machine. Back when Joe Biden was in college, a friend gave him a brownie with marijuana in it, but it was a huge waste because Joe couldn’t keep it lit.

— Argus Hamilton

President Obama watched the Emmys and said the U.S. would be out of the Emmys by 2017.

It’s Labor Day weekend. Labor Day, of course, is a holiday where people take three days off from being unemployed.

— Letterman

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