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Senate Democrats have introduced a bill that would override the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. Yes, because there’s nothing a hastily-introduced, ill-considered bill ramrodded through Congress can’t fix.

Speaking in Colorado, President Obama said “my favorite President is a Republican”. So… Obama’s not a fan of the Obama presidency either?

— Fred Thompson

NBC News announced its news reporters will no longer use the phrase illegal immigrants while reporting on the flood of new arrivals in Texas. The network considers the term to be politically incorrect. Instead, NBC will call them Obama’s houseguests from south of the border.

President Obama refused to visit the border while in Texas last week to see the refugee crisis firsthand. He has a reason. The administration doesn’t want reporters there because they don’t want the public to find out that the U.S. border is being guarded by a Brazilian goalie.

President Obama spoke with Mexican leaders about the border mess Thursday. This was a chance to solve two problems. President Obama should try to get Marine Sergeant Tahmoorisi released from a Mexican jail by trading fifty thousand immigrant children for him.

President Obama’s interview on Between Two Ferns last fall was nominated for a Emmy Thursday. Good call. He convinced the host that Obamacare would be easy to access, lowers costs and lets you to keep your doctor, and all the Academy could say was brother, that’s acting.

Chelsea Clinton was reported Monday to be getting a six hundred thousand dollar salary for her job as a part time correspondent. NBC executives said that it’s nothing to get excited about. They say Chelsea’s salary is all part of NBC’s program to help children born into poverty.

IRS official Lois Lerner warned fellow IRS workers to watch what they say in old e-mails that surfaced Thursday. She lost her e-mails and the IRS says their main server crashed so there’s no record of targeting conservatives in 2012. Just the Republicans’ luck, it turns out that Edward Snowden is the only government worker responsible enough to keep good records.

— Argus Hamilton

Yesterday Rick Perry told President Obama to go to the U.S.-Mexico border and see the immigration crisis firsthand because Americans expect to see their president when there is a disaster. Which is why today Obama showed up in Miami.

— Jimmy Fallon

The border crisis continues. And a new poll shows the majority of Americans disapprove of how President Obama is dealing with immigration. Of course, those numbers could change if he lets more people into America.

— Seth Meyers

Whether you are pro- or anti- gay marriage, the lesson here is that in our so-called democracy, your vote ain’t worth a shit. Because a judge who doesn’t like what you voted for can cancel it out. Liberals take note: you’re still bitching about how the Supreme Court “appointed” Bush in 2000. But you’re real happy when a court overturns the will of the people for something you support, aren’t you.

Why doesn’t Obama solve the Israel-Gaza conflict the good old Liberal way: go over there and organize a group chorus of Kumbaya and tell both sides that we’re all one big family? That always works.

The two most oppressed minorities in America: Black conservatives and gay conservatives. The media doesn’t even acknowledge they exist, and everybody hates them except white conservatives.

— Dixon Diaz

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