Battle of the Benjamins: iPhone 5C vs. Droid Mini, HTC One Mini, Lumia 520

Apple’s iPhone 5C, which was announced yesterday during a press conference held at its headquarters, marks the company’s first foray into providing a cheaper alternative to its flagship iPhone that’s also current at the same time.

But offering a handset that’s just one step down from a flagship is nothing new. Overseas, Samsung released a GS4 Mini, and Motorola’s Droid Mini features many of the things users love about the Droid Maxx (like a long battery life), but in a smaller, slightly less powerful package.

Likewise, HTC retained the One’s stylish construction for its Mini variant as well, but lowered its price, along with a few key specs.

And while Nokia doesn’t have a branded “lite” version of its current high-end handset, the Lumia 520 is a respectable second-tier device that, at $99.99 on contract, goes for the same price as the iPhone 5C and the HTC One Mini. (The 520 also goes by Lumia 521 under T-Mobile, and costs $120.)

To see how these handsets compare to each other, check out our chart below. Then you tell us — when it comes to dominating the Beta phone realm, what do you prefer?

A first look at the colorful iPhone 5C (pictures)

Credit: Lynn La/CNET

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