Stop and Smell the Roses

Well, it’s 2013. We are off to start on a new year. Do you have any regrets from 2012? Anything you wish you did just a little differently? Is there anything you would like to do differently this year so that you can be just a little happier? We all want to be happy but don’t really know exactly how to go about it. I am on Facebook so I have seen just about every idea that my Facebook friends have put up that would tell me how to be a happier person. In my opinion, all of these ideas probably help but you have to want to be happier deep down inside.

We have all had times in our life that we wish didn’t happen. A death, a divorce, a bankruptcy, stressful situations with our children, our siblings. How do we get through this and trudge forward? I have been through most of the above list and know how hard it is to see the silver lining around the cloud. Ok, are you ready? Here’s my opinion. Surround your self with people that you respect. People who care about you and have the same values as you do. People who will pick you up and dust you off if you should have a hard time. In order to have these types of friends you must BE that type of friend. You should also practice the art of being a good friend. Think of others, do for others as you would have them do unto you. Not only so they will do for you but because you know how good it feels when a friend shows they care to you. 

If you can follow the above rule, you need only to have one other way of dealing with day to day life. Smell the roses. Now seriously, every time I see a rose bush I stop and smell it. Usually, I can’t smell anything. However, if you take the time to see something that you appreciate, a rose bush, a lilac bush, a beautiful tree, a hill covered over with beautiful little flowers and just spend a moment enjoying it, it will make you smile. Make you happy. It makes you want to go on enjoying life. It creates a feeling inside of you that makes you just want to share that feeling with others. Sharing happy memories or happy stories with others will help you to be one of the people that I described previously. Somebody that people will want to be around and associate themselves with in order to be happy. 

Lets all try to make the year 2013 a great year. Maybe one of your happiest years ever. Just because you have a bad day or something bad happens to you that doesn’t mean you can’t find a beautiful moment around the corner. And when you do, share it with somebody. Write a letter, make a phone call, or just share it with the person that you love. Share your happiness and it will come full circle.  

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