Fun and Games

This turkey day was very different than ones I have experienced in the past. This week I spent getting over a cold or flu or something so I opted out of a fun filled family Thanksgiving day. Today was spent at home with my husband. We slept in, we took a nap, we watched movies and we made a meal that included meat and corn and rolls. As Penny would say “Meat and corn and rolls is KINDA like a Thanksgiving dinner.”

We were both invited to spend Thanksgiving day with our friends, the Hamiltons, and I have done this in the past. There is always good conversation, great food, delicious wine, but most importantly, we play board games! This is a family after my own heart. Unfortunately we had to pass this year but look forward to spending some genuine game time next year.

I grew up with three sisters and games are a part of my childhood memories. I remember playing Monopoly, Husker Du, Trouble and Uno. I’m sure there were more but my childhood was a long, long time ago. Game time wasn’t always at holiday time but we could go to the closet at any time and grab a box from the closet and there was always somebody to play it with. To me games meant laying on the floor, and just being silly. There was always lots of laughing and fun had by all.

While raising my kids I tried to instill the love of board games. My son would play with us and seemed to have fun but I don’t know if it was really his cup of tea. My daughter, however, really seemed to love the games. She’d often ask me to play Trouble, or Uno, or her most favorite, Life. I loved playing games with my kids. It’s not only the time that you get to hang out with them and get to know them but it’s you both getting to each other. They tell stories, you tell stories and tada, memories are made.

I hope that one day down the road, when my kids have children of their own, they remember how much fun we had as a family playing games. I would hope that they remember the love they felt when mom would drop everything and sit down and play with them. Sometimes we would have snacks, sometimes not, but always the tv went off, we would sit down together and just enjoy.

Special thanks to the Hamiltons for the holiday invite. Maybe we will play games together next year!

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my life.

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