My Mom has retired!

Holy Mackerel King Fish, my mom has retired. This weekend I traveled up to be with my family. We had a really nice party, as impromptu as it was, and we had most of the family there. As hard as we tried, we couldn’t get all four sisters there but even still it was a success.

It’s so hard to believe but my mom has made it to the retirement stage. My mother will turn 73 this month and has worked many jobs. The job that I remember the most was ‘stay at home mom’. It was also my favorite. I can’t imagine how different my life would have been if she would not have been a stay at home mom. I have three sisters and we all benefited from mom saying home with us. She was able to get us off for school and was also make it to every school function, during and after school. One of my favorite memories of mom staying home is the after school snack. I don’t know that it was every day but I remember a lot of after school snacks being ready just moments after we got home. My favorite was always the plate of cut up apples and chunks of cheese. I still snack on that one as a grown up. It’s a healthy comfort food.

Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money because Mom stayed home but I don’t ever remember doing without. I have three sisters and we did a lot of ‘hand me down’ clothes. Hey, I was #2 so I was thrilled that I got to wear my older sister’s clothes when she was done with them. I don’t think the clothes ever went through all four of us but they were probably always passed down at least once.

Mom started working when she was very young. She is the oldest of five kids so she worked at the soda fountain in her teen years and moved on to desk jobs until she had children. When we were old enough to let ourselves in the house after school Mom went back to work. Most of the time she was home by 5:00 so she was there for us in the evening.Mom’s last job she had was working for Walmart Vision Center. She worked there 13 years and made a lot of good friends. I am so proud of my Mom. She is one strong woman and my hope for her is that she will use retired life to do lots of fun things. Reading books, watching CSI, having breakfast with friends, playing with her young grandchildren, these are the things that make Mom smile. May the Lord help her to have many more years to enjoy these things.

Congratulations Mom!

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