Happy Birthday

Twenty years ago on this date was the birth of my son. As any mom knows, giving birth to your first born child is the most memorable moment in your life. I remember when my water broke, I remember placing the plastic trash bag over the seat in the truck so I wouldn’t get it messy on the way to the hospital, sorry, had to be said. I also remember going to the hospital and being so ready to have that baby and then being told that he was breach and they wanted to try to flip him while still in my tummy. Yikes! That was a lot of fun, NOT! After several tries they decided to perform a C-section. I was ready. Do it, get him out!

The doctor got that little guy out and I was a happy lady. I think I had the best baby ever. My son was so sweet and so happy. In fact, I can remember my mother giving me a hard time because she said that he never got the chance to really cry. If he cried, I changed him, soon I fed him and when he cried, I changed him. There wasn’t a lot of question about what was going on. My mother was very concerned that he needed to cry or his lungs would never develop. It was kinda funny actually but Anthony was a happy baby. He didn’t need to cry.

I had a child that when he got older would sit on my lap, or the lap of any family member and just listen to them read a book to him. He loved books. Anthony would sit for hours and listen to books. He especially loved Big Bird. He actually had a Big Bird on his first birthday cake, he may not remember it, but I have pictures somewhere.

Well, time flies and one day comes after the next and now my son is the big 2-0! It’s so hard to believe. How does such a young mom grow to have a 20 year old son. It’s amazing how I haven’t grown a day older, but he has grown up so much. Ok, maybe I’ve got a few wrinkles and a few things are sagging but it’s only cause my kids did it to me. God sure works in mysterious ways!

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