Today I’d like to talk about sisters. Sisters is a subject that I know a little something about, I am one of four girls. May I just throw in here that my Mom does NOT get enough credit. My mother should win the blue ribbon for putting up with all four of us. I love you Mumsy!

Now, sisters are wonderful. I only really have three sisters but I also have the best friend in the world and I have known her since birth. My friend since birth is Kelley, and our Moms met in the maternity ward. We have a bond that can never be broken. My other sisters are Debbie, Jenny and Teri.

Growing up I had a super close family. I have a lot of fun times that were had with my sisters. Debbie is three years older than I am so she was able to do things and go places well before I could but my Mom did a really cool thing. As Debbie got old enough she would be able to go to the corner store or go to the roller rink and I would get left at home. This did not make for a happy Chris. Then, what follows did not make for a happy Debbie. It ended up, and I”m not sure why, but Mom would have me tag along with Debbie. Poor Debbie. Now thinking back about it all, I do feel bad. I”m sure she just wished she could lose me but I really enjoyed hanging out at her friend’s house, or tagging along with her to the roller rink. I’m really sorry Deb. If I could I would take it all back. But you were a trooper and for that I thank you.

Jenny is three years young than I am. She and I have spent a lot of time together, but for some reason I was mean. Now, this was when I was young, ya know, those teenage years. I know, I can’t believe it either, but I was a meanie. I did things to my sister Jenny like hold the door closed so that she couldn’t come out of her room, or make her walk to school because she wouldn’t put on her seat belt while I was driving. I have tried over and over to apologize but it probably doesn’t make it all better. I’m so sorry for the way I treated my sister Jen. Our lives have kind of grown apart, we don’t talk half as much as we used to but I know that she knows that I love her.

Teri is my youngest sister. Teri is seven years younger than I am. I had lots of fun with my baby sister. I remember when she was teeny tiny and I would help to change her diapers. She was so cute back in the day. I can’t talk about Teri without telling the story about how when she was about…2, maybe three, I don’t know. I remember Debbie, Jenny and I shared a room and we were all in bed. Next thing you know Teri was climbing out of her bed, standing in the hallway in front of the full length mirror and she was singing her heart out. Now, the parents were in the living room so Teri was actually singing so quietly that we could only see her lips moving but she was dancing up a storm and singing her heart out. Us three older sisters could not control our laughing, keep in mind we were 4, 7 and 10 so we were giggling in our beds. Let me just ask you, the reader, who do you think got in trouble for this evening? You are right. Not Teri!!!! She hustled herself to bed as soon as her dad got up to yell. That little twerp made it back to bed and didn’t even get busted. We all got in big trouble.

So, to sum up my life with sisters, I have been blessed. I have thoroughly enjoyed being one of four girls and even got one extra thrown in for good measure. Now, when I was talking to one of my sisters the other day and talking to her about what I was going to write for my next article she made only one suggestion so I need to make sure I mention this subject. Teri, my youngest sister is the best sister ever. Best? Well, I might say the most entertaining………I can still see you dancing in front of the mirror and I think you still owe us big time for taking the punishment for you, you little twerp!

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