Weird Winter?

I’ve never really been one to pay much attention to the weather but this year the winter has just been crazy. I have lived most of my life in Illinois and love the changes of the seasons. Spring is always one of my favorites because of the melting of snow and the way the birds just seem to come back to life and wake you up by singing outside of your window. Summer is great because I love to sun bathe. As I get older (even though I’m still young) I spend less and less time in the direct sun but still feel like getting a little taste of the sun each day helps me to stay happy. I love the kiss of the sun on my cheeks and the warmth on my shoulders. Fall then comes along as a very welcomed feeling. The cool breezes and the beautiful colors help to remind me that each season is important and the nature is a beautiful.

Now comes winter. Winter starts when we first feel the cold breezes on our face and start to see the little white flakes fall from the sky. I especially love the way winter eases in so softly and ends up biting our fingers and noses. Well, this year was a little different, at least so far. We’ve had the cool breezes and then the day ends up being in the 50’s. This is me, definitely not complaining, enjoying my winter. So far there’s only been a couple of days of yucky roads and finger freezing mornings. All I have to do was put on my little glovies and coat and I am good to go.


If this is going to be the way the whole season ends up, what will happen in the spring? Are we going to have a drought because there was no snow to melt? Are we going to have have a ton of bugs that didn’t get frozen and they’re gonna take over the planet? I guess only time will tell. As for me, I will just be grateful each day that I don’t have to dig myself out the front door. Been there, done that.

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