A Few Kind Words

Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone. This year for me the holidays were just down time. I don’t mind down time, in fact I actually like it. Time to relax, think about life, make some calls, send some notes and maybe even get together with old friends. I did all of the above. Money is tight for most people that I know so it just seemed like the right thing to do. People don’t need lots of gifts, I know I don’t. Every year around this time, as a child, I would ask my Mom what she wanted for Christmas and every year she would give me the same answer, “just a few kind words”. I always thought that was silly as a kid but I thought, ok, it’s free. Well, now as a grown up and a Mom I completely understand. I understand how it is hearing the kids arguing and hearing the people as you go through your day complaining about something or another. Some times you just want to hear a “kind word”. A kind word from a friend or a kind word from a loved one or even a kind word from a passerby is always welcome. It just makes your day a little brighter and ads a little touch of happy in your life.


I’m not sure about you but sometimes I could use a little touch of happy in my life. I have a wonderful man by my side and two beautiful children but some days are more challenging than others. Some days it would just be so cool if a note came in the mail that said “Dear Chris, thank you for being so sweet today. What you said made me smile” As I sit here and think about what makes me happy I am making a new years resolution. My new years resolution will be to call, write or just be sure to tell people how they have brightened my day. Well, now wait, either that or send them a note telling them how wonderful they are or what they have done to make somebody else’s life better. For example, “Kelley, talking to you today help me realize what a great life I have and hearing the smile in your voice just helped me to know that I am the luckiest girl in the world having a friend like you“ Either way you write it or say it, the message still will have the same outcome.. Brightening somebody’s day today will make them happier, you happier and the world will be a better place. “A few kind words” was a wonderful thing for my Mom to ask for all those years, I think I’ll go send her a note right now.

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