Happy Holidays everyone. Are you getting ready for Christmas? I’m working on it. My tree is up, I’m playing all the fun Christmas music, but finding the shopping spirit is the hard part. “Why,” you ask? Well, I have a teenage girl. Seventeen to be exact and she gives me a run for my money. I love my daughter to death. She is smart and beautiful and can be very sweet but OH MY GOSH if she doesn’t have her fathers attitude.

What is it with teenagers that makes them think their “poop don’t stink?” Every want they have is a necessity and every decision they make is the right one. And whatever you do, do NOT try to make them understand why it is NOT the right decision. I spent a half an hour the other day trying to explain to my daughter how it could benefit her to be kind to adults. To show respect to adults means the adults would LOVE you. They will be kind to you in return and help you in any way possible. Mostly I’m talking about family and close friends but really I think it goes for teachers and just daily acquaintances as well. She got nothing out of the conversation. In fact, all she could say was, “So, you’re saying everybody hates me? Nice Mom.” That was not at all what I was trying to say. We had this talk because I had received feedback from friends that she is being “pissy” with other parents on her hockey team and I’m trying to help her to understand how it plays out. They will think that she is a brat and want nothing to do with her.

Teenagers, most especially my daughter, think that they are the smartest and know all the answers. When exactly is it that they “grow up”? When do they realize that they probably should have listened to their Mom when she told them that being rude and snotty makes them look like a baby and only gets them into trouble? When does this happen, because I truly want to see that look on her face when she says “Oh crap, Mom was right?” I would never say, “I told you so,” but I will give her a nod and a smile and say, “Your Mom always has your best interest at heart.”

So, I guess I will go on with my Christmas shopping and TRY to find something that my daughter will like. Something to make her smile that beautiful smile and say, “Thank you”. I’ll take that as a, “I know you love me Mom, you are so smart.” That’ll do for now.

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