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Scientists in California have created a new material that’s 100 times lighter than styrofoam. The new round of Iran sanctions?

While serving as Grand Marshal at a NASCAR event, Michelle Obama was booed by the crowd. Maybe because, if her husband had his way, all the cars on the track would be electric.

Chris Matthews said of the Obamas, “I don’t think they like being in the White House.” Huh. And some people thought Obama was out of touch with mainstream America.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are signing a pledge to refuse to pay back their student loans. I encourage all decent Americans to sign the pledge, then refuse to give back the pen and clipboard.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said that President Obama’s team has too many “little kids with propellers on their heads.” Relax Chris. It’s probably just another government-subsidized, green-jobs wind farm.

Obama weighs in after the super committee fails and assesses blame. What courage! Rides in after the battle and shoots the wounded.

— Fred Thompson

The Pentagon held a successful test flight of a flying super-bomb Thursday that can land anywhere in the world within one hour. Herman Cain said that’s really not good enough. If it doesn’t get there within thirty minutes, then the second bomb should be free.

The White House imposed a six-month delay on oil shale drilling in Ohio Friday just days after the president postponed the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to Texas. Some things are more important than any jobs that might be created. The president read an environmental impact report showing that oil workers are as Republican as oil executives.

Occupy Wall Street camps across the country were busted by police, resulting in hundreds of protesters being arrested. The camps were ridden with lice, fleas, tuberculosis, dysentery, and venereal diseases. We toppled Saddam Hussein for less.

President Obama flew to Bali to attend a meeting of Pacific nation leaders Friday. He announced the sale of Boeing planes and GE engines to Indonesia and Singapore. They wanted to reward the president for making Hawaii a part of Asia in his speech last Sunday.

The Super Committee failed to get a budget deal in Congress Monday. None of them wanted to risk their jobs by voting for something unpopular. Forbes just revealed that there are two hundred fifty millionaires sitting in Congress, the rest are in their first term.

Michelle Obama was booed by NASCAR fans at Miami Speedway on Sunday when she was introduced to start the race. It’s her own fault. She made a big mistake before the race by going to the concession stands and ordering them not to sell beer and French fries.

New York cops arrested lone wolf al-Qaeda sympathizer Jose Pimintel Monday. They caught him making pipe bombs. He’s also known as Muhammad Yusef, but he uses his Hispanic name so he can come back and forth across the U.S. border without being stopped.

— Argus Hamilton

Energy Secretary Stephen Chu testified before Congress yesterday that he thought it was a good idea to lend $535 million of our tax dollars to the solar panel company Solyndra right before they went bankrupt. If he’d taken all of that money, put it in a big pile and set it on fire, it would have produced more energy than Solyndra.

There are 249 millionaires in Congress. Remember a couple of years ago when this new Congress told us they had the solution to the recession? Apparently, they didn’t share it with the rest of us.

It looks like the supercommittee chosen by President Obama to come up with a plan to solve the deficit has failed. The best idea they came up with? A bake sale.

Don’t worry, President Obama has announced a new plan. Next week, he’s appointing a super duper committee.

Herman Cain is the first Republican presidential candidate to get secret service protection. The level of protection a candidate gets depends on how well-known they are. For example, Jon Huntsman gets a 10-minute judo lesson and a plastic whistle.

— Leno

Happy Birthday to Vice President Biden, who turns 69 this weekend! When they saw him coming, White House staffers turned off the lights, hid behind the couch, and then waited for him to leave.

President Obama came home after a nine-day trip to Asia. Well, he got to see some stuff he never sees at home, like jobs.

— Jimmy Fallon

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