Happy Thanksgiving

Hi All! Well, it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. In celebration of Thanksgiving my daughter and I are traveling up North (over the river and through the woods) to visit my Mom. If you recall Mom just had open heart surgery. This was actually about a month ago. From reports from my sister and talking to my Mom, it sounds like she’s doing great. When my girl and I go up we will be in charge of making Mom get up and move. She is not yet ready to start Physical Therapy per se, but needs to be up and moving a few times during the day. I’m thinking we’ll have some fun trips to the local grocery store and maybe a few over to visit my other sister that lives in town. Jessica, that’s my daughter, and I will be spending 5 days up there and it should be nice. My Mom lives with her sister Mary and Aunt Mary is always a treat. She entertains us while we’re visiting. My mom is the more reserved and quiet one and Aunt Mary is the outspoken and…..hmmm, aggressive one. I love Aunt Mary, she keeps us all in line. “Get out of my chair” , “hey punk, go get me a drink”. She says these things with silliness and love. It took me a long time to realize that but as I got older, I understand that if she didn’t care about me, she wouldn’t bother to give me the time of day.

Having Thanksgiving with the family is something we’ve always done big. Through the years the family has grown tremendously and some have moved far away but each year, those of us who can, gather together and enjoy the fellowship of family. I especially love the smells wafting from the kitchen and the way that everybody sits down at the same time and smiles at each other when it is time to eat. We all do our part in the making of the dinner and that is what makes it so extraordinary.

This year my oldest sister Debbie is hosting Thanksgiving. That’ll be super cool cause I haven’t seen her kids in a long time. She has twins that are now twenty-one and they have grown up to be wonderful adults. Debbie always hosts wonderful gatherings. She tries to make everybody feel so special. I also have a sister named Jenny. I hope to see Jen while I’m up there. We haven’t been the closest over the last year and need to reconnect and catch up. She’s a sweetheart. My youngest sister Teri will not be partaking with us. She lives up in Minnesota and will be enjoying the peace and quiet at her home. She just finished caring for her Mother after heart surgery and I’m sure we will all include Teri and her hubby Joe when we say what we are Thankful for.

I hope this note finds all of you in good health and thankful for all of the people in your life that you know and love. Happy Thanksgiving.

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