Doggy Daycare

Well, this weekend is going to be a fun three days. I am so excited, no really I am. My love and I have signed up to babysit four dogs and three cats. Yes, you heard me right. Dean and I will be staying at a house with seven, count them, seven animals. And, you may not know this about me but I am NOT an animal lover. Not a hater by any means but I have always had a hard time understanding how pet owners can end up treating their puppies like babies.

Why, you might ask, would somebody have so many animals? Well, okay. I have asked myself that question and can answer it for you now after watching these guys a handful of times. Each of these animals has his or her own personality. The three cats, we only see them when they’re hungry. Actually, two come out when they’re hungry, the other one hides almost all the time we are there. They are happy little creatures. Especially snuggly in the evening.

The dogs, now that’s another story. I will first share with you the story of Cocoa. Cocoa is a big fuzzy, short horse. I’m not really familiar with the make and model of each dog, but Cocoa is a sweetheart. This rather large, sweet animal has a heart of gold. She doesn’t beg, she doesn’t bark, she does however, enjoy playing with the other dogs. She will watch and jump in the romping, only for a moment, then go back and just watch. She’s a sweetie.

Yukon, he’s the full size white horse. Yuke has the sweetest face. He is the greeter. He is the first to wake me up in the morning by putting that big white nose right up in my face and saying “Hey, come on, lets go!” Yes, he says that with a little cute noise. And we’re up! Yukon is the herder as well. When all the dogs are outside running in the yard, he is the one to bring up the front as well as the rear. He will run when called, then turn around and gather the heard. It really is a site to see.

Lucy is the newest of the bunch. Lucy is a little girl. She has a sweet smile and the biggest brightest eyes. She looks like she is just ready to please. Lucy is a golden colored pup, again, not sure of the make or model but she is smaller than the rest and just loves to play. Lucy, I think is the girlfriend of Dangles. They tend to hang out a lot together and do much snuggling. It’s really kinda cute.

Let me tell you about Dangles. His full name is McDangles Ramilford. He is a special dog. He belongs to my friend’s son Kyle and is living with the clan while Kyle is away at school. Dangles is a go-getter. He loves to run, he loves to play, and he will be the first one to bring you the kong when you sit down. Dangles loves to walk into a room and wake up the other dogs with a poke and a jump back. Yes, Dangles does lay down and nap, but watch out, when he wakes up, it’s playtime!

After getting to know these doggies, and seeing that look in their eyes when they are happy and having fun, I guess (she says with a big smile) I can understand how pet owners can end up treating their puppies like babies.

This will be a fun filled weekend. I can count on that. Doggy daycare is not a bad gig, it’s actually kinda fun!

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