Best Mom Ever

Hello Friends. I just wanted to share with you what is going on in my life today. Todays events were scheduled over a month ago but today it’s real. My Mom is undergoing open heart surgery. This is so scary for me, I can’t even imagine how my mom is feeling right now. Well, right now she’s probably being prepped for surgery so she’s probably really nervous. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


I know everybody has a Mom but mine is (big smile) special. When I was little I had to have a pretty major surgery. My mom went with me and sat at my side for weeks. I was only in second grade so I was young. We didn’t have much money so my Mommy made lunches and would bring them to the hospital and we’d have picnics. I still smile every time I eat a mustard and cheese sammich. Those were a special time with Mom.


Then I grew up and got married and had kids. My mom has always sent me cards and called me and told me how proud she was of me and how I”m the best Mom there is. She says she can’t imagine that I could be any better.


Now she’s having her surgery and she is up at Mayo Clinic with two of my sisters. My job is to help to take care of her in a couple of weeks when she comes home from the hospital. I can’t wait. I’m gonna make her a cheese sammich and sit with her and I know, I will bring her Mad-libs and we’ll do those together. I remember how much fun I had after surgery with those. Actually, I remember those but I also remember those pages that you’d color in the shapes to make a really psychedelic picture (not sure if they still sell those). Either way, I will sit with Mom and make her recouping time fun, just like she did with me when I was little. I have the best Mom ever!!!

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