Happy Halloween

Hello guys and gals. How was your Halloween? My day was very cool. I was very excited because I finally came up with the perfect costume. At my office we had a vampire, a vampiress, a hot dog and me, I was Sarah Pailin. I think my costume was the most controversial but really, I was very impressed that nobody gave me a hard time. I picked Sarah as a costume because I am a fan. I really do not follow all the news and rumors and such about the political aspect of Sarah, I just have seen and read some personal stories about her and her life and I think she’s a pretty cool person. It was fun being Sarah for a day.


People say that Halloween is for the kids, I’m not so sure, I had a fun time! I had fun eating the candy that we were passing out (the tiny Three Musketeer bars were the best). Also kinda cool was the music we played at work. We played scary sounds all day. It was actually kind of fun listening to the screaming, the chain saws and the creaking rocking chair that was the backdrop of the day.


I guess being a grown up isn’t that bad. Sometimes we have to pull out our inner child and just enjoy life.

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