Pleased to Meet You

Hi! I’m Christy and I was given a forum to share with others all the fun and crazy things that I encounter and deal with on a daily basis. I’m a mom of two and I work a full time job. My kids are older so I am trying to re-get to know the girl that I once was. I encounter things every day that I wish I could share with others to help them learn through my trials and errors.

Today’s dilemma is trying to figure out what I can dress up as for work on Halloween. Why is it that there are fifty thousand different things that I could be for my office Halloween party and I can’t think of a one? Sometimes Moms spend so much time focusing on grocery shopping and cleaning and just let it get down to the last minute when it comes to things that need to be done for themselves. Guilty! I sure could use some help or maybe I will just end up being a ghost! Let me know what you think…

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