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  • Mississippi man faces murder charge after stabbing parents over fast food

    Nov. 26, 2015: This photo shows Ronald Pritchett, 32, who is accused of stabbing his parents after they ordered fast food and neglected to get him anything. (Lamar County Sheriff’s Department) Authorities say a man faces charges in Louisiana accusing him of killing his father and stabbing his mother because they ordered fast food and didn’t get any for him. Ronald Pritchett, 32, of Purvis, Mississippi, faces charges of second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and auto theft in the New Orleans suburb of Jefferson Parish, said Col. John Fortunato, spokesman for the sheriff there. Fortunato Percival Pritchett, 58, and his wife, Renitta Pritchett, 57, were stabbed Wednesday at their home in unincorporated Gretna. Renitta Pritchett was treated and released, University Medical Center spokeswoman Aleis Tusa said. Fortunato said in a news release that Pritchett became enraged about food. Asked by email for more details, he replied, “They ordered food from a fast food restaurant and …

    November 27, 2015 1:57 am


  • Trump denies mocking New York Times reporter’s disability

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump denied on Thursday he was mocking the physical disability of a New York Times reporter during a campaign speech in which he flailed his arms and distorted his speech in an imitation of the journalist. The latest uproar over Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail was ignited by remarks the billionaire real-estate tycoon and former reality-TV star made during a South Carolina rally on Tuesday about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York’s World Trade Center. Trump, front-runner for his party’s nomination for the November, 2016 election, was defending his unsubstantiated assertions that thousands of Muslims were seen in New Jersey cheering the collapse of the Twin Towers. During the speech, he singled out Times investigative reporter Serge Kovaleski for a story he wrote a few days after the attacks while he was then a Washington Post correspondent. That article reported authorities had detained “a number of people who …

    November 26, 2015 10:15 pm


  • Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers throng for one last Black Friday

    Crowds of shoppers packed into the Toys “R” Us in Times Square for one last Black Friday, as the flagship store prepares to close its doors. “It is certainly bittersweet,” said CEO Dave Brandon, in an interview with CNNMoney. Toys “R” Us has been in Times Square since 2001, but it’s not renewing its lease after it runs out in January 2016. So this is the last chance for holiday shopping at the iconic store. The Times Square Toys ‘R’ Us is known for its indoor Ferris wheel, life-sized Barbie house and T-Rex robot, which was howling over the heads of shoppers on Thanksgiving night, as it has for many years. But this year, a drone kept buzzing past its head like a prehistoric mosquito with propellers and lights. Some kids screamed, in either delight or fright, while their parents filmed the dinosaur on their iPhones. The T-Rex was in a popular spot, standing among …

    November 27, 2015 12:56 am


  • ‘Firing Monk would be painful decision’

    By John Hartson MOTD pundit I still believe Garry Monk can get Swansea’s season back on track but their fans have to trust the judgement of chairman Huw Jenkins – whether he sticks with his manager or sacks him. Nothing is decided yet, however. My hometown team are in this situation after a run of only one win in their past 10 games, but just one good result could change everything very quickly. Monk’s problem is that his side face three tough tests in Liverpool, Leicester and Manchester City in their next three matches, and his team are short of goals and low in confidence. But they showed last weekend when they fought back from 2-0 down to draw with Bournemouth that they still have the desire to play for their manager. One win will be all it takes for their belief to come flooding back. Firing Monk would be a painful decision This is …

    November 27, 2015 1:57 am

World News

  • ‘Dangerous’ lakes in Everest glacier

    Image copyright C. Scott Watson, University of Leeds Image caption Scientists are warning that superglacial ponds like this one are expanding to form lakes Lakes that have been forming near Mount Everest could threaten settlements downstream if they overflow. Ponds on the surface of the Khumbu glacier in the Himalayas have expanded and joined together to form larger bodies of water. Climbers need to cross the glacier, including the treacherous Khumbu Icefall, to climb the mighty peak. The accelerated meltdown of glaciers in the region is causing concern against a backdrop of rising global temperatures. Scientists say the warning is the first of its kind for Khumbu, although other glaciers in the Himalayas have seen an increase in the number of lakes formed. Such newly formed glacial lakes can overflow causing flooding, and with it loss of life and damage downstream. Disintegrating glaciers This is the first scientific team to visit the region after the …

    November 27, 2015 1:57 am


  • Google Lunar X prize: India’s moonshot at the space race

    Sometime in late 2017, a tiny vehicle will blast into space from India on a 10-day journey to the moon. As it finally lands on the lunar surface some 238,900 miles later, its fate will rest entirely on four small aluminium parts in its shock absorbers. They need to work in a vacuum, with lubrication that doesn’t freeze or jam no matter what the angle. And if they fail, there’s no one to go up and fix it – meaning that eight years of work and $20m (£13.2m) in prize money will be lost in space. These parts need precision engineering, making them costly and slow to build. But Team Indus, the only Indian team competing in the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP), has always found itself short on time and resources. “We’re lunatics,” said co-founder Dilip Chabria, of the mission Team Indus has set itself. The Bangalore-based private space startup formed and officially entered …

    November 26, 2015 10:35 pm


  • Liver cell therapies closer as study reveals key to mass production

    Stem cell scientists have made a key find that aids the quest to produce therapies for patients with liver damage. They have developed a new technique for growing liver cells from stem cells that is cost-effective and could be adapted for mass production of clinical grade cells. The process involves growing cells on defined materials – without the need for animal products – which scientists say makes therapies safer for use in people. Liver cells have already been used as therapies for patients with liver damage with some success. At the moment, donor organs are the only source of cells. Growing liver cells from stem cells could offer a limitless supply for patient therapies, but the conditions currently used to grow these cells are not amenable to mass production. Existing methods also rely on the use of animal products derived from tumours, which means that the cells produced in this way cannot be given to …

    November 27, 2015 1:16 am


  • Too Much Sitting Hurts Heart Patients’ Health

    THURSDAY, Nov. 26, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Even with regular exercise, people with heart disease who sit too much have worse health than those who sit less, a new study suggests. Previous research has linked too much sitting with an increased risk of heart disease. But the authors of this study say it’s the first to examine the impact of too much sitting on people who already have heart disease. The study included 278 heart disease patients who had been taught how to increase their exercise levels. For nine days, they wore monitors that recorded their activity levels. The researchers also assessed various indicators of health including body mass index (BMI) and heart-lung fitness. These heart patients spent an average of eight hours a day sitting, the study found. On average, men sat an hour more daily than women, mostly because women engaged in more light intensity activity such as housework or running errands. Patients …

    November 27, 2015 1:56 am


  • 2015 Apple Store Black Friday Ad Goes Live? Shoppers Head To Best Buy, Target For Better Deals

    What are the best 2015 Apple Store Black Friday deals? Holiday shoppers who have been waiting to see if the company will reveal any big deals on Friday may be a little disappointed. This year, Apple is getting out of the Black Friday game and leaving the discounts up to its authorized retailers. Best Buy, Target, Staples, and Walmart are offering big discounts on iPads, MacBooks, iPhones and the Apple Watch, so there’s no trip to the Apple store needed. (See some of the best deals below) 9 to 5 Mac reports that Apple’s SVP of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts said that Apple has decided to stop the annual tradition because “being good to your employees will always be good for business.”  Last year, the Apple Store tugged at our heartstrings just a wee bit by promising to make a donation to Red, an AIDS charity organization, with every purchase made on Black Friday. The …

    November 27, 2015 12:56 am


  • The Thanksgiving dinner that saved Taylor Richards’ life

    On Thanksgiving night in 2008, Taylor Richards of Sandy, Utah sat alone in his dark car a few miles from his parents’ home. He was exhausted, cold, 25 years old and a raging alcoholic. Soon this wrong kind of Silent Night was interrupted by a phone call from his brother, Spencer. A few minutes later, they sat together in the front seat of his Subaru wagon and ate turkey and stuffing on paper plates. “I knew I needed to do something,” Richards told me during a recent interview, “but getting and staying sober and happy seemed about as likely building a space shuttle out of the few belongings I had in my car and then orbiting the Earth.” Perhaps fueled that night by both the warm food and the warmth of his brother’s unconditional love, Richards decided that it was time to turn himself in to jail and to make the kinds of sacrifices he’d …

    November 27, 2015 12:36 am

Odd News

  • Broad smiles and enduring spirit at Holocaust survivors’ beauty contest

    HAIFA, Israel To the strains of Madonna’s “Vogue”, the 13 women with a combined age of about 1,050 strutted down the runway cautiously, hindered only slightly by walking sticks and the odd dodgy hip. The third annual Holocaust survivors’ beauty pageant, honoring women who lived through the concentration camps and death marches of Nazi Germany, was held in the city of Haifa this week with hundreds of relatives turning out in support. Lipstick was carefully applied, dresses were elegant and jewelry glittered, but the focus was on giving women who experienced horrors in the early years of their lives a chance to enjoy some glamour and attention as they push into their 80s. “Many of them were children, teenagers or young adults during the Holocaust,” said Jurgen Buhler, the German director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, a sponsor. “They were either in ghettos or concentration camps. So this night is giving them something …

    November 26, 2015 5:33 pm