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  • Texas National Guard says 2 soldiers deployed to Texas-Mexico border getting financial help

    PHARR, Texas –  At least two Texas National Guard troops are in need of financial assistance after being sent to the Texas-Mexico border in response to a surge of children pouring into the U.S. illegally, officials said Friday. The National Guard had initially identified 50 soldiers who might need financial help, said spokeswoman Lt. Col. Joanne MacGregor. The Guard members are part of the up to 1,000 troops ordered to the border in July by Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT After the 50 soldiers were interviewed, only two submitted requests for help, which the Guard says comes from a private organization. The others could be helped if needed, officials said. “Given the large influx of service members into the area over the past week, our Family Assistance Coordinator in the Rio Grande Valley was being extremely proactive in identifying possible assistance options for additional service members,” MacGregor said. Family assistance coordinators help military …

    August 29, 2014 6:50 pm


  • Judge dismisses Mississippi Senate election challenge

    JACKSON Miss. (Reuters) – A Mississippi judge on Friday dismissed an election challenge brought by Tea Party-backed U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel, who claims incumbent Thad Cochran stole the Republican primary by encouraging voter fraud. Ruling on a contest once seen as a test of Tea Party clout, Special Judge Hollis McGehee found that McDaniel waited too long to file an initial complaint with the state Republican Party. “The undisputed facts are that McDaniel filed his complaint 41 days after the date of the election,” McGehee said, speaking from a Gulfport courthouse. “The law requires it to be done within 20 days.” The McDaniel campaign has the option to appeal, campaign spokesman Noel Fritsch said. “We certainly respect the legal process, but we absolutely disagree on this point of law. We are going to take the weekend to take stock and see whether it’s prudent to elevate this to the next level. We’ll announce something …

    August 29, 2014 3:24 pm


  • Denny’s aimed at 1% opens in New York with $300 Grand Slam

      Denny’s swung open its doors in a luxury apartment building in New York’s City’s financial district Friday morning. And it had every marking of trying to attract Masters of the Universes and ladies who lunch — what was made to look like copper-stamped ceilings, exposed brick walls, faux Tolix chairs, and a full bar with artisanal bloody marys and prosecco on tap. Owner Rahul Marwah said he envisions the restaurant filled with a Wall Street crowd, given that it’s situated at the gateway to the financial district. That’s why he modeled the interior after local dining institutions like Delmonico’s and Locande Verde — both of which charge upwards of $30 for dinner entrees. Related: Would you order this $78 taco? The real proof that this Denny’s is trying to be the highest brow of all the 1,700 Denny’s is the $300 take on the traditional Grand Slam breakfast. The Grand Cru Slam takes the …

    August 29, 2014 6:30 pm


  • Red-hot putting helps Palmer set Boston pace

    NORTON Massachusetts (Reuters) – American Ryan Palmer, whose putting has been razor sharp for the past six weeks, upstaged some of golf’s biggest names as he surged into a two-shot lead at the Deutsche Bank Championship on Friday. The 37-year-old Texan, seeking a fourth PGA Tour victory, reeled off four successive birdies midway through the opening round and signed off by sinking an 18-foot putt on his final hole for an eight-under-par 63 at the TPC Boston. While world number one Rory McIlroy squandered a red-hot start with a messy finish to card a 70, Palmer mixed nine birdies with a lone bogey to seize control in the second of the PGA Tour’s four lucrative FedExCup playoff events. Keegan Bradley gave his Ryder Cup prospects a timely boost as he fired an opening 65 to finish a stroke in front of fellow Americans Webb Simpson and Chesson Hadley and Australian Jason Day. Palmer, however, delivered …

    August 29, 2014 6:50 pm

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  • George Brandis meeting leaves Muslim leaders frustrated with dialogue

    Community consultation over proposed anti-terrorism laws has been “insufficient” to allay concerns, a Muslim leader says. When the attorney general, George Brandis, met key Muslim leaders in Sydney on Friday, the group had 30 minutes to review draft amendments to the legislation. Muslim leader Hany Amer said there was not enough time to look over the proposals, which aim to stop young Australians taking part in wars in the Middle East. The laws as they stood did not have enough safeguards for the innocent and the federal government’s public statements and foreign policies were only exacerbating tensions, he said. “These hastily pursued measures with little genuine consultation will infringe on our right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty,” Amer said. Based on Friday’s meeting, it was difficult to feel the community’s voice had been heard, but if there was further engagement positive solutions were possible, he said. Amer said he was told the …

    August 29, 2014 6:50 pm


  • What to expect from IFA, Europe’s biggest and most eccentric tech show

    The red-wigged Miss IFA is the Berlin show’s mascot. IFA The eyes of the tech world will be on Berlin, Germany next week for IFA, the biggest European gadget show in existence. CNET will be there in force to cover all the cool new kit from Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Asus, Huawei, Acer and more. This year, we’ll be writing about all the latest smart-home developments too, with our crack CNET appliances team flying in from Kentucky to assist. What is IFA? IFA is an eclectic mix of the old and the new. The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) can trace its history all the way back to 1924, when it was started to showcase the latest developments in radio (“Funkausstellung” literally means “radio show”). Many important inventions have been demoed there over the years, from early cathode-ray-tube TVs to the very first cassette recorder from Philips in 1963. IFA’s Wikipedia entry features this chilling image of …

    August 29, 2014 11:20 am


  • Astrophysicists report radioactive cobalt in supernova explosion

    Related images(click to enlarge) A group of astrophysicists, including researchers from MIPT, has detected the formation of radioactive cobalt during a supernova explosion, lending credence to a corresponding theory of supernova explosions. Details are given in the journal Nature. The article’s main author, Yevgeny Churazov (Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences), together with his co-authors, including Sergei Sazonov of the Space Research Institute and MIPT, reported the results of their analysis of data collected with the INTEGRAL gamma-ray orbital telescope, which they used to detect the radioactive isotope cobalt-56(56Co). Isotope 56Co has a half-life of just 77 days, and does not exist in normal conditions. However, during a giant thermonuclear explosion of a supernova, this short-lived radioactive isotope is produced in large quantities. Radiating cobalt was registered at the supernova SN2014J, located 11 million light-years from Earth. Astrophysicists never obtained similar spectra before. The reason was the rarity of explosions at such …

    August 29, 2014 3:46 pm


  • Ebola outbreak reaches Senegal, riots break out in Guinea

    DAKAR/CONAKRY (Reuters) – The West African state of Senegal became the fifth country to be touched by the world’s worst Ebola outbreak on Friday, while riots broke out in neighboring Guinea’s remote southeast where infection rates are rising fast. In the latest sign that the outbreak of the virus, which has already killed at least 1,550 people, is spinning out of control, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that Ebola cases rose last week at the fastest pace since the epidemic began in West Africa in March. The epidemic has defied efforts by governments to control it, prompting the leading charity fighting the outbreak, Medicins Sans Frontieres, to call for the U.N. Security Council to take charge of efforts to stop it. Including the fatalities, more than 3,000 have been infected since the virus was detected in the remote jungles of southeastern Guinea in March, and quickly spread across the border to Liberia and Sierra …

    August 29, 2014 3:24 pm

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  • Jon Voight is ecstatic that Brad Pitt is finally his son-in-law

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share handwritten love notes  “I’m very happy that I can now legitimately call him my son-in-law, this wonderful fellow who I love, and that they’re very happy,” Voight told ITV’s Good Morning Britain, according to People. “The kids must have had a wonderful time at the wedding because they all had their things to do.” Jolie and Pitt have been dating for nearly a decade, after meeting on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005. The couple were finally married on Saturday in Nice, France, and were surrounded by friends and family, including their six children. Although Jolie and Pitt have both been married in the past, Voight seems especially excited that the couple finally found each other. He added, “It must have been very beautiful. I’m very happy for them.” The newlyweds are on their way to Malta, where they will be spending their honeymoon working on …

    August 29, 2014 7:11 pm


  • Will Jews turn on Obama, Dems in 2014 and turn out for GOP?

      This year, as in every election year since Barack Obama has been in the White House, we are hearing the cry of the hopeful Republican: This is the year that Jewish voters and donors and activists are going to turn on the president and his party and turn out for the GOP. The hope stems from a few observable truths. President Obama is not a great friend of Israel and he visibly doesn’t get along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The American Jewish community – white, assimilated and prosperous – is out-of-place in a Democratic Party determined to build a coalition around an appeal to racial gender minorities, unmarried women, the LGBT community, immigrants and the dependent poor. And while the Jewish community is shrinking because of low birthrates and intermarriage, its Orthodox wing – strongly pro-Israel and socially conservative – is gaining in numbers and self-confidence. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT The great majority of American …

    August 29, 2014 3:24 pm

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  • Singaporeans go barking mad over bid to silence dogs

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) – A suggestion by Singapore’s public housing authority that owners of noisy dogs consider “debarking” their pets to avoid inconveniencing neighbors, has raised animal lovers’ hackles in the city-state and prompted much ridicule on social media. The authority, the Housing and Development Board (HDB), recommended in a notice posted in a residential block that one option for dogs that will not keep quiet is to “debark” them. Debarking involves removing a section of a dog’s vocal cord to reduce the volume of its bark and is recommended as a solution of “last resort” to control noisy pets, according to Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority’s website. Animal welfare groups say the practice is cruel and unfair. “A dog also barks when it is in a stressed or anxious mode, and not hearing the dog does not mean the dog is in a stable state of mind,” said Action for Singapore Dogs in a Facebook …

    August 28, 2014 7:18 am