• Rain deluge hits southern US states

    Rain deluge hits southern US states

    The Blanco river basin in Texas is one of the worst hit areas A deluge of rainfall has burst rivers and brought flood warnings to several southern US states, with Texas and Oklahoma the worst...
  • Spanish protest parties ‘gain’

    Spanish protest parties ‘gain’

    Exit polls from Spain’s local and regional elections have predicted gains for two new challenger parties, Podemos and Ciudadanos. The governing People’s Party was the most voted-for, the polls suggested, but it may have lost...
  • Mickey Rourke Has Another Fashion Fail

    Mickey Rourke Has Another Fashion Fail

    Posted on Sun May 24th, 2015 7:00am PDT       By X17 Staff Mickey Rourke made Canon Drive in Beverly Hills his own personal catwalk, on Saturday, as he pranced down the sidewalk in a daring ensemble. The...
  • Migrants taint Bangladesh image

    Migrants taint Bangladesh image

    Myanmar’s navy with a boat said to contain mainly Bangladeshi migrants Migrants trying to leave Bangladesh illegally are tainting the country’s image, its prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, has said. Ms Hasina said their attempts to...
  • An shoots 65, cruises to BMW PGA win

    Surrey, England (SportsNetwork.com) – Rookie Byeong Hun An fired an impressive 7-under 65 in Sunday’s final round and the South Korean rolled to a 6-shot victory at the BMW PGA Championship. An, who shared the...

Headline News

  • Deadly weather soaks south central U.S., forces evacuations

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas Flash flooding and severe storms in Texas forced evacuations, submerged roads and left thousands without power on Sunday, after an Oklahoma firefighter was swept into a storm drain during an overnight rescue effort and died. The National Weather Service reported river flooding across southern Oklahoma and central Texas, where six to nine inches of rain fell overnight. The severe weather was moving into Arkansas, Kurt Van Speybroeck, a NWS meteorologist based in Fort Worth, Texas, said. “They haven’t seen flooding like this for probably a good decade, probably more like 25 years, even longer, on some of these rivers,” he said, noting that soil in the region is saturated from heavy rainfall over the past three weeks. “We just can’t take any more water,” he said. Evacuations were ordered in parts of Montgomery County, Texas, north of Houston. Helicopters were used to rescue people off rooftops in Hays County around the central …

    May 24, 2015 2:55 pm


  • NSA starts winding down phone records spying program

    A National Security Agency data gathering facility is seen in Bluffdale, about 25 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. (REUTERS/Jim Urquhart) The National Security Agency has begun winding down its collection and storage of American phone records after the Senate failed to agree on a path forward to change or extend the once-secret program ahead of its expiration at the end of the month. Barring an 11th hour compromise when the Senate returns to session May 31, a much-debated provision of the Patriot Act — and some other lesser known surveillance tools — will sunset at midnight that day. The change also would have a major impact on the FBI, which uses the Patriot Act and the other provisions to gather records in investigations of suspected spies and terrorists. In a chaotic scene during the wee hours of Saturday, Senate Republicans blocked a bill known as the USA Freedom Act, which would have ended …

    May 24, 2015 12:32 pm


  • Smart money is buying energy stocks. Should you?

    Forget politics and religion. One of the biggest debates on Wall Street these days is whether oil and energy stocks are toxic or terrific. Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAC) put out a note last week telling clients now is the time to buy. Hedge funds have already pounced. The 50 largest hedge funds bought a lot of energy stocks (e.g. Williams Partners (WPZ), Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Kinder Morgan (KMI)) in the first quarter, according to their latest stock disclosures. In some ways, it looks like a smart move. Oil plunged below $45 a barrel in January. Back then, people couldn’t seem to sell energy stocks fast enough. In recent weeks, oil has staged a mini-rally. Now it’s trading around $60 a barrel. That’s still far from the glory days of over $100 a barrel that the industry saw as recently as last summer, but for drillers, it’s a lot easier to make …

    May 24, 2015 9:31 am


  • Smith’s son says his father was more pleased than he thought he’d be at getting into hall

    CONCORD, N.C. –  Bruton Smith was happier than he expected at making the NASCAR Hall of Fame this week. His son, Marcus Smith, is the chief executive officer of Speedway Motorsports Inc., the company that his father founded and turned into one of the country’s premiere owners of race tracks. Charlotte Motor Speedway will host the Coca-Cola 600, an SMI property, on Sunday night. Marcus Smith says his father wasn’t thinking much about selection day last Wednesday because he had been nominated for several years and had not gotten the call. But when word came down he was among the hall’s five newest members “it was certainly very special for him.” Bruton Smith hadn’t felt well this week, but Marcus said he would attend the race.

    May 24, 2015 2:55 pm

World News

  • Rain deluge hits southern US states

    The Blanco river basin in Texas is one of the worst hit areas A deluge of rainfall has burst rivers and brought flood warnings to several southern US states, with Texas and Oklahoma the worst hit so far. A fire-fighter lost his life when swept away by floodwater in Oklahoma. Parts of Texas saw up to 10 inches (25cm) of rain over a 24-hour period, with more predicted across the region into next week. There were numerous rescues on Sunday after burst banks, and 1,000 people were evacuated in central Texas. Warnings and alerts stretch from Colorado through to Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and eastern Kansas. ‘Worst I’ve seen’ One of the worst hit rivers was the Blanco in Texas. Highway patrolmen use air boats for rescues in Purcell, Oklahoma Several flash flood emergency warnings are in place At one point it crested at 43ft (13m) – some 30ft above the designated flood stage and 7ft …

    May 24, 2015 2:55 pm


  • The bizarre and often hilarious world of Grand Theft Auto V mods

    It wasn’t just upgraded visuals and additional content that some PC gamers held off on playing Grand Theft Auto V for. If history was any indicator, GTA V was primed for a cavalcade of custom modifications (or “mods”) once released on PC — the platform of choice for do-it-yourselfers who want to take a peek under a game’s hood and tinker with its digital innards. The series’ previous entry, Grand Theft Auto IV, has had a legacy of impressive mods ranging from the totally obscure to the absolutely gorgeous — to the point where the game has the potential to graphically outshine most modern titles. At only around a month old, Grand Theft Auto V’s mod scene is in its infancy, but it has already opened the door for some over-the-top absurdity and limitless sandbox creativity. The video above shows the kind of bizarre chaos possible with just a few of them loaded. So how …

    May 24, 2015 3:54 pm


  • Giant Black Holes May Be on a Collision Course

    Most galaxies have a supermassive black hole lurking at their centers, but a galaxy 10.5 billion light-years away looks like it might have two—and the pair may be set to crash together in just 21 years. If the observations are confirmed, the duo would be the closest known set of binary black holes, and their imminent collision would offer scientists an unprecedented chance to watch extreme physics in action. [Video: When Black Holes Collide] The potential black holes are impossible to glimpse directly. Besides being black—which is to say, invisible—they are far too distant from Earth and too close to one another to make out with telescopes. But scientists found what they think is the telltale signature of a pair of these behemoths circling together. The apparent black holes reside in what’s known as a quasar—a galaxy that is unleashing a torrent of light as mass gets gobbled by the gigantic black hole at its …

    May 24, 2015 12:13 pm


  • Diet and Exercise May Not Stave Off Age-Related Muscle Loss

    FRIDAY, May 22, 2015 (HealthDay News) — It’s not clear whether diet and exercise can prevent muscle loss as people age, a new British review finds. People lose 30 percent to 50 percent of their muscle mass between the ages of 40 and 80, according to the study authors. Muscle loss can lead to reduced strength, more difficulty doing everyday tasks, and increased health care needs and costs, the researchers noted. “Poor diets and being physically inactive are common in older age. Understanding the benefits of maintaining sufficient levels of physical activity and diet quality to prevent sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss) is therefore a priority,” review leader Sian Robinson, from the University of Southampton, said in a university news release. The researchers analyzed 17 studies that looked at whether diet and exercise programs in men and women older than 65 could prevent the loss of muscle mass. “Although some studies have found enhanced effects of …

    May 24, 2015 12:32 pm


  • Mickey Rourke Has Another Fashion Fail

    Posted on Sun May 24th, 2015 7:00am PDT       By X17 Staff Mickey Rourke made Canon Drive in Beverly Hills his own personal catwalk, on Saturday, as he pranced down the sidewalk in a daring ensemble. The aging actor wore plaid-on-plaid with a buttoned-up vest over a red plaid shirt, with baggy jeans a some amazing white boots with silver and red detailing. Where does this guy shop?! Adding to Rourke’s unique look were blue-tinted glasses and his usual floppy grey hair. Passersby literally craned their necks to catch a look at The Wrestler star’s interesting get-up. Can someone please start a blog about Mickey’s unique looks already? We need some fashion ID’s on these pieces, people! Check out what Rourke has to say when asked if he’d fight Floyd Mayweather for a cool million dollars …   SEE THE GALLERY Mickey Rourke Gets It Wrong … Again Stories from around the Web

    May 24, 2015 12:54 pm


  • Visiting the troops with Aaron Tippin in Iraq: My proudest moment as an American military veteran

    Like all veterans, my memories are filled this Memorial Day with endless instances of pride at being able to serve this great country of ours – pride at being an American and even more pride at having been able to wear the uniform. Of my many memories, over 60 years’ worth, none is more striking than that of a dusty afternoon in 2008 in a bombed out building in Sadr City, Baghdad.  It wasn’t about my own service.  It was about someone else’s. I was accompanying my friend Aaron Tippin, a country music legend, as he visited and entertained troops during the Thanksgiving season.  It was an annual event for him during the war and I was often fortunate enough to accompany him.  On this particular afternoon, at one of many stops, we were at a Forward Operating Base with a battalion of the storied 82nd Airborne Division. The scene was literally out of a …

    May 23, 2015 4:46 pm

Odd News

  • German grandmother gives birth to quadruplets at age 65

    BERLIN A 65-year-old German grandmother gave birth to quadruplets at a Berlin hospital this week, with the three boys and a girl born prematurely at 26 weeks being in good health and having a good chance of survival, German TV network RTL reported on Saturday. The network, which had covered the pregnancy, said Annegret Raunigk already had 13 children and seven grandchildren. The announcement of her pregnancy last month had sparked a public debate in Germany about its merits. Raunigk, an English and Russian teacher in Berlin, had received fertility treatment in Ukraine and is the oldest woman in the world to have had quadruplets, RTL said, although other women of her age and older have given birth. The four babies, born by Caesarean section on May 19, weighed between 655 grams an 960 grams. (Reporting by Erik Kirschbaum; Editing by David Holmes)

    May 23, 2015 12:03 pm