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  • FBI Director Comey, who angered Democrats, gets hug from Trump

    WASHINGTON FBI Director James Comey upset Democrats over the email drama that engulfed Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. On Sunday, he got a hug from President Donald Trump. It occurred at a reception for law enforcement and security officials in the White House Blue Room on Trump’s second full day as president. Trump saw Comey in the audience and called out to him. Comey then strode up to Trump, who shook his hand and gave him a hug. “He’s become more famous than me,” Trump said with a chuckle. Comey sent a letter to the U.S. Congress only days before the Nov. 8 election announcing that he was reinstating an investigation into whether Clinton mishandled classified information when she used a private email server while secretary of state from 2009 to 2012. The FBI director announced a week later that he had reviewed a new batch of emails and decided there was no new indication …

    January 22, 2017 4:02 pm


  • U.S. in ‘beginning stages’ of talks on Jerusalem embassy move: spokesman

    WASHINGTON The White House said on Sunday that it is only in the early stages of talks to fulfill President Donald Trump’s pledge to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an action that would likely spark anger in the Arab world. “We are at the very beginning stages of even discussing this subject,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said in a statement. Aides said no announcement of an embassy move was imminent. Washington’s embassy is in Tel Aviv, as are most foreign diplomatic posts. Israel calls Jerusalem its eternal capital, but Palestinians also lay claim to the city as part of an eventual Palestinian state. Both sides cite biblical, historical and political claims. Trump, who vowed during the 2016 presidential campaign to move the embassy, was due to speak by phone on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, their first call since the U.S. businessman-turned-politician took office on Friday. …

    January 22, 2017 1:01 pm


  • Falling Earnings Estimates Signal Weakness Ahead for MiMedx Group (MDXG)

    Similar to wise buying decisions, exiting certain underperformers at the right time helps maximize portfolio returns. Selling off losers can be difficult, but if both the share price and estimates are falling, it could be time to get rid of the security before more losses hit your portfolio. One such stock that you may want to consider dropping is MiMedx Group, Inc. MDXG , which has witnessed a significant price decline in the past four weeks, and it has seen negative earnings estimate revisions for the current quarter and the current year. A Zacks Rank #4 (Sell) further confirms weakness in MDXG. A key reason for this move has been the negative trend in earnings estimate revisions. For the full year, we have seen one estimate moving down in the past 60 days, compared with no upward revisions. This trend has caused the consensus estimate to trend lower, going from 15 cents a share a …

    January 22, 2017 3:22 pm


  • Full-strength Arizona has arrived

    9:30 AM ET Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print comment For 11 weeks and 19 games you didn’t hear much talk about Arizona. Allonzo Trier was absent without a reason being stated and, while the remaining Wildcats were pretty good — even excellent, at times — they dropped neutral-site games to Butler and Gonzaga. As a result, there were always three or four other elite teams, ones with even fewer losses, to focus on before the conversation got around to Sean Miller’s group. Then came the 20th game. Trier is back, and he and his teammates went into Pauley Pavilion on Saturday and beat No. 3-ranked UCLA 96-85. It’s time to talk about Arizona. The Wildcats were already really, really good without Trier Now the truth can be told. The whole air of uncertainty surrounding Trier’s absence obscured the fact that Arizona had opened Pac-12 play by putting up numbers that wouldn’t be at …

    January 22, 2017 9:01 am

World News

  • Britain’s May refuses to talk about reported test missile failure

    Jan. 22 (UPI) — Prime Minister Theresa May refused Sunday to offered details on the reported failure of an unarmed British Trident missile from a submarine off the coast of Florida last June. But several members of parliament called for a full investigation of the reported failure and possible coverup weeks before a House of Commons vote on the future of the nuclear missiles. During an interview with the BBC, May wouldn’t say if she knew about the failure, let alone the test ahead of time. She was asked four times by Andrew Marr whether she knew about the failure before the Commons voted 472-117 in July to spend $53 billion renewing Trident. At the time, she said it would be “an act of gross irresponsibility” for the Britain to abandon its nuclear weapons. On Sunday, she said “I have absolute faith in our Trident missiles.” “There are tests that take place all the time, …

    January 22, 2017 4:02 pm


  • Amazon and Google fight crucial battle over voice recognition

    Amazon and Google always thrive in the fourth quarter as people get out their wallets for Christmas. Both companies – or in Google’s case, its parent group, Alphabet – are therefore expected to announce booming revenues in their fourth-quarter results over the next fortnight, with Alphabet going first on Thursday and Amazon the following week. But analysts are already looking beyond the simple question of how many cardboard boxes Amazon filled and how many searches Google answered. They’re wondering which company will win the battle to control your home. That battle is being fought by two carafe-sized cylinders from the respective companies. One is Amazon’s Echo, with its voice-operated “personal assistant”, Alexa; the other is Google Home, which responds to the phrase “OK Google”. Both are internet-connected, home-based devices which can be command to do things: give the weather forecast; play music; read out news headlines; update shopping lists; and control “smart” devices in the …

    January 22, 2017 8:41 am


  • Former Lawrence Livermore physicist begins jail term

    Behind bars: fraudulent physicist begins 18 month jail sentence A former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicist has been sentenced by a court in California to 18 months in prison for submitting false data and reports with the “purpose of defrauding a government agency”. Sean Darin Kinion, 44, who earned his physics PhD from the University of California, Davis, pleaded guilty in June to mail fraud and acknowledged that he was involved in “a scheme to defraud the government out of money intended to fund research”. In addition to his prison term, which will begin on 26 January, Kinion will have to pay $3,317,893 in compensation to the US government. He will also undergo supervision for three years following his release from prison. According to Lawrence Livermore spokesperson Lynda Seaver, the lab began to see “red flags” in Kinion’s work in late summer 2012 and, after initially putting him on leave, lab administrators sacked the physicist in …

    January 21, 2017 12:12 am


  • Trump may not enforce individual health insurance mandate: aide

    WASHINGTON The Trump administration may no longer enforce a rule requiring individual Americans to carry health insurance or pay a penalty if they do not, a senior White House official said on Sunday Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” program, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, said President Donald Trump “may stop enforcing the individual mandate.” Separately, on CBS’ “Face the Nation” show, she reiterated Republican promises that no one would lose their health insurance under Obamacare while a replacement is being developed. “For the 20 million who rely upon the Affordable Care Act in some form, they will not be without coverage during this transition time,” she said. On Friday Trump signed an executive order concerning the 2010 healthcare law, urging U.S. agencies to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation” of provisions deemed to impose fiscal burdens on states, companies or individuals. Healthcare experts had speculated that Trump could expand exemptions from …

    January 22, 2017 4:02 pm


  • David Ayer reflects on ‘controversial’ blockbuster ‘Suicide Squad’

    David Ayer took to Twitter to reflect on his critically panned, super-villain blockbuster Suicide Squad. The filmmaker’s comments were in response to a supportive fan who hailed the 2016 movie, which starred Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, as a “masterpiece.” “Thank you so much. I know it’s a controversial film, I really tried to make something different, with a look and a voice of its own. I took inspiration from the insanity of the original comics. Making a movie is a journey, not a straight line. I learned so much,” Ayer wrote in a statement he linked to on Twitter. He also acknowledged that while the movie was “wildly successful commercially,” it does have flaws. He admitted as well that he was hurt by the scathing reviews it received from critics. “Wish I had a time machine. I’d make the Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story. I have to …

    January 22, 2017 3:23 pm


  • Floyd Mayweather, Darren Blanton: It’s time to really help America’s inner cities

    Editor’s note: The following column is co-authored venture capitalist Darren Blanton with an introduction by boxing world champion, Floyd Mayweather, to commemorate the founding of the Moblze Foundation. Moblze is dedicated to addressing problems associated with blight in America’s inner cities. Both Mayweather and Blanton will speak at an inaugural kick off event for the Foundation Friday in Washington. The Moblze Foundation’s mission dovetails with the Trump administration’s priority of emphasizing opportunities of entrepreneurship and mentorship in the inner cities. Introduction: My boxing career has afforded me the opportunity to see life’s bigger picture. Twenty years ago, I was a young man from Grand Rapids, Michigan who worked day in and day out to become the best ever at my craft. I could have easily given up when the road became tough, but I never did. I wanted to set an example for my children that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Today, …

    January 22, 2017 4:40 am

Odd News

  • Customs officers find 3,000 pounds of marijuana disguised as watermelons

    Jan. 22 (UPI) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection said agents in Texas intercepted 3,000 pounds of suspected marijuana disguised as watermelons. The agency said its Office of Field Operations at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility searched a shipment of fresh watermelons in a white 1993 Thermo King tractor trailer Jan. 17. The officers discovered 390 of the supposed watermelons were actually packages of suspected marijuana formed into the shapes of melons and wrapped in green material. The packages contained a total 3,000 pounds of what is believed to be cannabis — an estimated $600,092 worth of the drug. “Smugglers continue to be creative as they attempt to introduce illegal narcotics into our country,” said Port Director Efrain Solis Jr., Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry. “Our frontline CBP officers’ experience, vigilance and attention to detail prevents the introduction of these dangerous drugs into our country.” The case was handed over to Homeland Security Investigations for …

    January 22, 2017 12:41 pm