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  • Authorities arrest man wanted in the killings of a wealthy DC family, their housekeeper

    WASHINGTON –  Authorities have arrested an ex-convict who’s accused in the killings of a wealthy Washington family and their housekeeper. Members of a fugitive task force arrested 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint on Thursday around 11 p.m., about a week after authorities said the family was killed and their mansion set on fire. D.C. police and the U.S. Marshals Service say Wint has been charged with first-degree murder while armed. Police haven’t detailed why Wint would want to kill 46-year-old Savvas Savopoulos; his 47-year-old wife, Amy; their son, Philip; and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa. Three of the four victims had been stabbed or bludgeoned before the fire. Police said Thursday that Wint, a certified welder, worked for Savopoulos’ company, American Iron Works, in the past.

    May 22, 2015 4:29 am


  • Knight: 2nd Quarter Will Quell Fundraising Doubts

    By Tom Curry Posted at 5 a.m. today 0 Tweet Knight, celebrating after drawing the first pick in the Capitol office lottery last November, acknowledges he has to kick up his fund-raising a notch. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo) Freshman California Republican Steve Knight promises he’ll do much better raising campaign money in the second quarter than he did in the first. Knight raised less than $29,000 in the first quarter, stirring doubts about his ability to defend his seat in a district that leans only slightly Republican and that President Barack Obama carried in 2008. Last year, Knight defeated fellow Republican Tony Strickland with 53 percent of the vote after Democrats failed in the June primary to advance a candidate to the top-two November ballot. “I take full responsibility” for the feeble fund raising, Knight said. “We had an awful lot of issues that we were overcoming. We wanted to make sure our …

    May 22, 2015 4:09 am


  • American Pharoah owner tied to illegal gamblers

    American Pharoah owner Ahmed Zayat holds up the trophy after his horse won the Preakness. Ahmed Zayat, the owner of Triple Crown contender American Pharoah, is on top of the horse racing world at the moment. But he’s also entangled in a nasty federal lawsuit, in which a convicted gambler is accusing him of failing to honor millions of dollars in bets he allegedly made with offshore gambling sites. The suit was filed last year by Howard Rubinsky, who in 2008 pleaded guilty to federal gambling and money laundering charges. Rubinsky charges that Zayat owes him $1.7 million to cover bets he made for Zayat with online gambling sites. Zayat, in court filing, denies all of the charges and is seeking to have the case dismissed. Asked for a comment, his attorney referred to the case as a “meritless claim relating to allegations from 11 years ago.” In court filings Zayat admits to knowing Rubinsky, …

    May 22, 2015 3:08 am


  • Ducks hand Blackhawks first home loss, lead series 2-1

    Anaheim handed Chicago their first home loss of the NHL playoffs on Thursday after a 2-1 win in Game Three put the Ducks ahead by the same margin in the Western Conference final series. Simon Despres broke a 1-1 tie in the final minute of the second period as Anaheim bounced back from a triple-overtime defeat in Game Two that tied the best-of-seven series. Ducks winger Corey Perry told reporters that the team had refused to let that defeat get them down and they had focused on Game Three. “We had our chances in that game, so be it. You move on,” he said. “There’s going to be roller coasters in the playoffs.” On Thursday, Patrick Maroon gave the Ducks a 1-0 lead in the first before Chicago’s Patrick Kane tied it with under a minute left in the opening period. Ryan Getzlaf added two assists for the Ducks, tying his own franchise record with …

    May 22, 2015 4:30 am

World News

  • US embassy man ‘cyberstalked women’

    Prosecutors say Mr Ford used his US embassy computer to threaten his victims A worker at the US embassy in London is accused of cyberstalking hundreds of women, threatening to post their private photos unless they met his demands. Michael C Ford, who has lived in the UK since 2006, was arrested last week while visiting family in Atlanta. Prosecutors say Mr Ford hacked accounts of women to obtain sexually explicit images of them. The US State Department says he is no longer working at the embassy. Mr Ford threatened his victims with the stolen images, demanding that they shoot videos of other women undressing, prosecutors said. “I want you to record videos of sexy girls changing. In gyms, clothing stores, pools… You do that, and I disappear,” he wrote to one victim, according to the court documents. When the victim did not comply, prosecutors said he wrote a follow-up email. “OK, time’s up. Everything …

    May 22, 2015 4:29 am


  • Microsoft faces claims it threatened MPs with job cuts in constituencies

    Microsoft executives telephoned Conservative MPs threatening to shut down a facility in their local area because of planned IT reforms, David Cameron’s former strategy chief has claimed. Steve Hilton, who worked for Cameron in opposition and two years in Downing Street, made the allegation as he argued the dominance of corporate lobbying in the UK was leading to bad policy-making. Asked how the government should deal with lobbyists, he said: “You just have to fight them off. I can give you specific examples: the thing I mentioned about IT contracts. Maybe there is someone here to confirm this from Microsoft? When we proposed this, Microsoft phoned Conservative MPs with Microsoft RD facilities in their constituencies and said, ‘we will close them down in your constituency if this goes through’. “And we had the same from other tech companies as well … We had the stories from the MPs saying I’ve just had this call from …

    May 22, 2015 3:28 am


  • Sudden onset of ice loss in Antarctica detected

    A group of scientists, led by a team from the University of Bristol, UK has observed a sudden increase of ice loss in a previously stable region of Antarctica. The research is published today in Science. Using measurements of the elevation of the Antarctic ice sheet made by a suite of satellites, the researchers found that the Southern Antarctic Peninsula showed no signs of change up to 2009. Around 2009, multiple glaciers along a vast coastal expanse, measuring some 750km in length, suddenly started to shed ice into the ocean at a nearly constant rate of 60 cubic km, or about 55 trillion litres of water, each year. This makes the region the second largest contributor to sea level rise in Antarctica and the ice loss shows no sign of waning. Dr Bert Wouters, a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Bristol, who lead the study said: “To date, the glaciers added roughly 300 …

    May 22, 2015 3:49 am


  • U.S. bird flu causing egg squeeze, emergency measures

    CHICAGO and NEW YORK As a virulent avian influenza outbreak continues to spread across the Midwestern United States, some egg-dependent companies are contemplating drastic steps: importing eggs from overseas or looking to egg alternatives. A spokeswoman for grain giant Archer Daniels Midland Co said that, as egg supplies have tightened and prices risen, the company has received numerous inquiries from manufacturers about the plant-based egg substitutes it makes. And with a strong dollar bolstering the buying power of U.S. importers, some companies are scouting for egg supplies abroad. “The U.S. has never imported any significant amount of eggs, because we’ve always been a very low-cost producer,” said Tom Elam of FarmEcon, an agricultural consulting company. “Now, that’s no longer the case.” Still, companies wanting to import eggs may have to look far afield. “Canada is short on eggs and has been buying heavily from the U.S. for the last several years,” said Rick Brown, a …

    May 22, 2015 4:09 am


  • One Bachelorette contestant is livid Chris Harrison called him ‘creepy’

    In reality television shows, we know much of it is, or seems to be, scripted by show producers. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is another example of how scripted The Bachelorette is — and one contestant is furious at how he was portrayed by producers and then ridiculed by host Chris Harrison in his blog afterward for something they told him to do. More: Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe reveals how she really felt about the twist According to TMZ, a source close to Josh S. says producers, who know he is a stripper in real life, told him to strip instead of going for the “nice guy” act like he wanted. So, he is understandably pissed about being called “creepy” by Harrison for doing something he was forced to do. Harrison said, “First and creepiest is Josh S., our ‘dancer.’ Look, I don’t care about the fact that he is a ‘dancer’ and it didn’t bother me …

    May 22, 2015 4:29 am


  • Imagine America without the Constitution

    What if we didn’t have a Constitution? What if the government were elected by custom and tradition, but not by law? What if election procedures and official titles and government responsibilities merely followed those that preceded them, and not because any of this was compelled by law, but because that’s what folks came to expect? What if those elected to office, and those appointed to it, as well, took oaths to uphold the Constitution? What if those who took the oaths promised fidelity to the Constitution? What if the Constitution declares itself to be the supreme law of the land? What if the supreme law of the land means what it says? What if all in government, from presidents to park rangers, from generals to janitors, from judges to jail guards, take substantially the same oath? What if very few who have taken their oaths take them seriously? What if very few who have taken …

    May 22, 2015 4:28 am

Odd News

  • ‘Top 10′ new species includes cartwheeling spider, ‘chicken from hell’

    NEW YORK Some 18,000 species, great and small, were discovered in 2014, adding to the 2 million already known, scientists said on Thursday, as they released a “Top 10″ list that highlights the diversity of life. The 10 are “a reminder of the wonders awaiting us,” said Quentin Wheeler, president of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, which issues the list. An estimated 10 million species are still unknown to science. But researchers have to move fast: development, poaching, and climate change are driving plants and animals to extinction faster than science can discover them. Two animals made the list because of unusual parenting. A wasp from China is the first animal found to use chemical weapons to thwart predators that might have designs on its offspring. Mothers fill part of their nest with dead ants, which give off volatile chemicals that mask the scent of larvae, throwing off would-be predators. A frog …

    May 22, 2015 3:48 am