• Smith excited at ‘creating history’

    Smith excited at ‘creating history’

    Australia wicketkeeper Peter Nevill practising with the new pink ball in training at the Adelaide Oval Cricket’s first day-night Test using a pink ball is an “exciting concept”, says Australia captain Steve Smith. Australia and...
  • Trump mocks disabled reporter

    Trump mocks disabled reporter

    Image copyright APTN Image caption Mr Trump has met Mr Kovaleski on several occasions Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has been criticised for mocking a disabled New York Times reporter. Mr Trump performed an impression...
  • Franks set for Twickenham reunion

    Franks set for Twickenham reunion

    Ben Franks has been part of New Zealand’s World Cup winning squads of 2011 and 2015 Ben Franks hopes his first return to Twickenham on Saturday since the World Cup final will mark a perfect...
  • Pope celebrates huge Mass in Kenya

    Pope celebrates huge Mass in Kenya

    Image copyright AFP Image caption Crowds line up to celebrate Mass with Pope Francis Tens of thousands of people have been celebrating Mass with Pope Francis at a university campus in Kenya. Pope Francis made...

Headline News

  • Mother who left baby in New York City church manger will not face charges

    A mother who left her newborn son in a manger at a New York City church will not face criminal charges for giving him up, a prosecutor said on Wednesday. A custodian on Monday found the crying infant with his umbilical cord still attached wrapped in towels and placed in the indoor nativity scene at the Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens, New York police said. The baby’s mother was located by police and Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said on Wednesday she would not be prosecuted because she gave up the child in accordance with the state’s “Safe Haven” law. “It appears that the mother, in this case, felt her newborn child would be found safely in the church and chose to place the baby in the manger because it was the warmest place,” Brown said in a statement. Under New York state law, a parent may abandon a newborn anonymously at certain designated …

    November 26, 2015 4:11 am


  • Lagging behind Clinton in 2016 bid, Sanders boosts staff, spending

    WASHINGTON Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is boosting the size of his campaign staff and increasing state budgets in his challenge against the frontrunner for the party’s nomination, Hillary Clinton. Over the past six weeks, Clinton widened her lead over Sanders in opinion polls both nationally and in early states in the nominating process for the 2016 presidential election. She now leads Sanders by 20 points nationally, with the support of 54 percent of Democrats versus 34 percent for the U.S. senator from Vermont, according to the most recent Reuters/Ipsos polling. Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver told Reuters that the campaign rewrote its budgets last week, doubling them to add more staff in each of the states holding nominating contests on March 1. A dozen states hold votes that day and award delegates on a proportional basis rather than awarding all to the winner, so Weaver said the campaign calculated that it is important to …

    November 26, 2015 2:10 am


  • Facebook dads around the world get more paternity leave

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is gearing up to take two months parental leave after the birth of his daughter. Now the company is offering new fathers at Facebook’s global offices the chance to take twice as much. The social networking giant will offer four months of paid paternity leave to its full-time male employees around the world starting in January, an increase from four weeks. Facebook’s U.S. employees already get that much, as do women in its international offices (if not more, if a country mandates it). Facebook (FB, Tech30) has 34 international offices with nearly 12,000 full-time employees worldwide. Though paid maternity leave is common outside the U.S., paid time off for new fathers isn’t always offered. At four months of paid leave during a child’s first year and a $4,000 “new child benefit,” Facebook’s parental benefits are among the best in the U.S. Related: Mark Zuckerberg to take two months paternity leave Increased …

    November 26, 2015 2:50 am


  • Smith excited at ‘creating history’

    Australia wicketkeeper Peter Nevill practising with the new pink ball in training at the Adelaide Oval Cricket’s first day-night Test using a pink ball is an “exciting concept”, says Australia captain Steve Smith. Australia and New Zealand play under floodlights at the Adelaide Oval in a bid to boost attendances. “I can’t wait to get out and give it a crack,” said 26-year-old Smith. “We are creating history.” New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum echoed Smith’s enthusiasm as he said day-night Tests could be “outstanding for the game moving forward”. The match will be the third and final Test of the series between the two countries, with Australia leading 1-0. “I’m sure a lot of people are going to be watching around the world and I think that is really exciting for world cricket,” added Smith. “The crowds have rolled in. The first two Tests were a little bit disappointing with the crowds but there are …

    November 26, 2015 4:11 am

World News

  • Trump mocks disabled reporter

    Image copyright APTN Image caption Mr Trump has met Mr Kovaleski on several occasions Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has been criticised for mocking a disabled New York Times reporter. Mr Trump performed an impression of Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from a congenital joint condition, at a rally, He has used a 2001 article by Mr Kovaleski to back up widely disputed claims that “thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks. The New York Times called Mr Trump’s actions “outrageous”. 21 things that Donald Trump believes A Muslim marine’s retort to Donald Trump ‘The poor guy’ Referring to the 2001 article (published by the Washington Post) at a South Carolina rally on Tuesday night, Mr Trump called Mr Kovaleski “a nice reporter”. “Now the poor guy, you gotta see this guy,” he continued, before launching into an apparent impression of Mr Kovaleski, waving his arms around with his hands at an odd …

    November 26, 2015 4:11 am


  • Twitter UK names sales chief Dara Nasr as new managing director

    Twitter UK has named former Google executive Dara Nasr as its new managing director. Nasr, who joined Twitter in 2012 initially running its sales operation, is currently UK sales director of the social media company. He replaces Bruce Daisley, who was named vice-president of direct sales for Europe earlier this year. “Over the last few months we’ve been taking a look at the UK office and business,” said Adam Bain, Twitter’s chief operating officer, said in an internal note to staff. “It’s such an important site for the Twitter business – for advertising, engineering, media and more. We wanted to ensure that we appointed someone who was respected in the market, with a breadth of vision beyond their own area of specialism, and someone who was focused on building a special culture for us.” At Google, Nasr was responsible for key agency relationships for YouTube and display advertising. “In just a few years Twitter’s UK …

    November 26, 2015 2:30 am


  • How to make better dental fillings last longer

    Open wide: PAA is added to glass powder Dental fillings could soon last longer thanks to a new study of how the movement and bonding of aluminium ions affects the toughness of a popular type of dental cement. The research was done by an international team of scientists that used neutron scattering and terahertz spectroscopy to observe the ions during the hardening process. The results could lead to the development of more effective dental materials. Glass ionomer cements (GICs) have been used by dentists for 40 years to repair damaged teeth. While these materials do an adequate job, they the lack the toughness (resistance to fracturing) that characterizes both the dentine found in natural teeth and the mercury–silver amalgam fillings that have long been the mainstay of dentistry. A GIC filling will last about 10 years, whereas an amalgam filling can endure for a lifetime. The problem with mercury–silver amalgam, however, is that there are growing concerns …

    November 26, 2015 1:10 am


  • Obesity in Youth May Harm the Heart Long-Term, Even After Weight Loss

    WEDNESDAY, Nov. 25, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A new study finds that even if overweight or obese young women slim down later on, obesity-linked damage to the heart may linger for decades. The research shows that even formerly overweight women remain at heightened risk for sudden cardiac death later in life. So, “it is important to maintain a healthy weight throughout adulthood as a way to minimize the risk of sudden cardiac death,” lead author Stephanie Chiuve, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, said in a news release from JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology. The study was published in the journal Nov. 25. In their research, Chiuve’s team tracked outcomes for more than 72,000 healthy American women followed from 1980 to 2012. The women provided information about their weight and height when they were age 18. Their body mass index (BMI – an estimate of body fat based on weight and height) was then checked …

    November 26, 2015 1:50 am


  • California Health Care Fraud Scheme Totals $600 Million In Kickbacks

    A California health care fraud scheme uncovered involves false billings that total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. LA Business Journal reports that five individuals — including a Long Beach hospital executive — are being charged by the Justice Department for accepting almost $600 million in kickbacks through L.A. County hospitals. Dozens of doctors, chiropractors, and others were part of the scheme in exchange for referring thousands of patients to Pacific Hospital in Long Beach for spinal surgeries. Prosecutors say that the California health care fraud scheme went on for at least eight years. Many of the claims sent in were paid by California’s worker’s compensation and the federal government. Defendants in the case are former Pacific Hospital of Long Beach chief financial officer James L. Canedo, 63, of San Pedro; orthopedic surgeon Philip Sobol, 61, of Studio City, and Paul Richard Randall, 56, of Orange, a health care marketer once affiliated with both …

    November 26, 2015 2:50 am


  • How to make gratitude more than a Thanksgiving chore

    Many American families take advantage of the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday to formally or informally acknowledge all that we have to be grateful for living in this wonderful country. For children, it’s important to have the adults in their lives whom they care for and who care for them encourage this practice. Beyond the pleasure of sharing a special meal together, it sends the message: Gratitude is an important value for us. Thanksgiving is a meaningful tradition. One psychologist who has studied gratitude defines it in two parts. First, it must include an affirmation of goodness – that there are good things in the world, gifts and benefits we’ve received. We need to identify something outside ourselves for which we are grateful. Second, it must include identifying the source of this goodness, from where it comes. For example, if a child expresses that she is grateful for the fresh ear of summer corn she …

    November 26, 2015 12:29 am

Odd News

  • Rome banishes centurion impersonators ahead of Holy Year

    ROME Rome has banned centurion impersonators who charge to scowl in photos around the ancient Colosseum amphitheatre and frequently come under fire for their pushy tactics with tourists. The Italian capital is imposing extra security measures and sprucing up parks and piazzas as it gears up to host a Catholic Holy Year, or “Jubilee”, that could draw millions of tourists. City hall said the Roman soldiers, many of whom hail from the poorer periphery and commute for hours to the historic center, pose risks both to people’s safety and the “respectability” of the city’s numerous monuments. “These individuals often act inappropriately, they are persistent and at times aggressive,” it said in a statement. Offering rides in rickshaws and other wheeled vehicles has also been forbidden in some parts of town, and roving salesmen peddling tours or museum tickets has also been prohibited. All of these money-making schemes could be dangerous in areas likely to get …

    November 26, 2015 1:30 am