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  • New York’s Cuomo says no closer to deal on MTA funding

    NEW YORK New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that he is no closer to an agreement with New York City over funding the city’s public transport system and that any contribution under $3 billion “short changes” users. Officials from the state, city, and New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which runs the city’s subway and bus network, as well as suburban rail lines, have been wrangling for more than a year over who should pay for the system’s capital plan. The cost of the plan runs to nearly $30 billion through 2019. “If the city pays less than $3 billion you have two options: Increase fares – which I’m against – or reduce the capital plan,” said Cuomo. When the plan was introduced in 2014 the funding gap was around $15 billion. It is now around $2.6 billion after contributions and increased self-funding, according to the Citizens Budget Commission, a budget watchdog. The …

    October 8, 2015 6:25 pm


  • SpaceX raps ULA bid to get U.S. waiver for Russian engines

    WASHINGTON Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, has slammed a bid by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co, to get a waiver from a U.S. ban on Russian rocket engines for military use. Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla Motors and chief executive of SpaceX, told Defense Secretary Ash Carter that federal law already allowed ULA to use “a substantial number” of engines. ULA’s threat to skip an upcoming Air Force competition to launch a GSP satellite unless it got a waiver was “nothing less than deceptive brinkmanship for the sole purpose of thwarting the will of Congress,” he wrote in a letter dated Oct. 5. A copy was obtained by Reuters on Thursday. Frank Kendall, the Pentagon’s chief arms buyer, this week said the Defense Department expects to decide “fairly soon” whether to waive the law to allow ULA to continue using Russian RD-180 rocket engines on …

    October 8, 2015 6:24 pm


  • Wall Street isn’t worried about Hillary Clinton’s plan

    Hillary Clinton unveiled her big plan to curb the worst of Wall Street’s excesses on Thursday. The reaction from the banking community was a shrug, if not relief. While Clinton proposes some harsher regulations, she stops far short of what more populist Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want to do to Wall Street. Sanders and Warren think the big banks should be broken up. Clinton does not. It’s a big divide in the Democratic party. “We continue to believe Clinton would be one of the better candidates for financial firms,” wrote Jaret Seiberg of Guggenheim Partners in a note to clients analyzing her plan. Clinton’s big push is for more accountability on Wall Street. But she does that by proposing a tweak to what is currently in place, not a major overhaul like Sanders. “To prevent irresponsible behavior on Wall Street from ever again devastating Main Street, we need more accountability, tougher rules …

    October 8, 2015 4:44 pm


  • WhatIfSports ALDS Astros vs. Royals prediction: KC wins in five

    It’s the defending AL champs against the most inexperienced, but exciting, playoff team. Kansas City was one swing away from defeating the San Francisco Giants in Game 7 of the World Series last season. Now, the Royals return to the postseason with the hopes of winning their final game. Houston dominated the Yankees in the Wild Card round and continue to exceed expectations. Remember, Sports Illustrated tabbed the Astros as the World Series champs…for 2017. More from FoxSports Due to the survive-and-advance one-game playoff format, Houston’s ace, Dallas Keuchel, won’t start until likely Game 3. That means Collin McHugh gets the nod in Game 1 against Kansas City’s Yordano Ventura. We’ll start with Ventura. Last year, he made four starts in the playoffs. The Royals won each of those games. In three of the four outings, Ventura held the opposing team to two earned runs or less. More recently, Ventura has allowed only one earned …

    October 8, 2015 6:25 pm

World News

  • UN proposes Libya unity government

    Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Areas of Libya are still controlled by rival militias The United Nations envoy for Libya has proposed the formation of a national unity government after months of difficult talks. Since 2014 Libya has had two rival governments – an Islamist-backed one in Tripoli and an internationally recognised government in the east. UN envoy Bernardino Leon told a news conference in Morocco that Fayez Sarraj would be nominated as prime minister. He said the names of candidates for other posts had also been decided. “After a year of work in this process, after working with more than 150 Libyan personalities from all the regions, finally the moment has come in which we can propose a national unity government,” Mr Leon said in the Moroccan city of Skhirat. However, any final deal must pass a vote in Libya’s rival parliaments to succeed. A loose alliance of militias, including Islamists, seized the …

    October 8, 2015 6:25 pm


  • Playmobil says ‘racist’ toy is meant to be a pirate who is a former slave

    Ida Lockett’s picture of the Playmobil figurine that she said was racist posted on the Playmobil Facebook page. Photograph: Playmobil Facebook page The Playmobil toy company has claimed a dark-skinned figure wearing a neck shackle was meant to “represent a pirate who was a former slave in a historical context” after a mother complained that it was racist. Ida Lockett of Sacramento, California, was horrified when she saw the instructions to her five-year-old son’s Playmobil pirate ship, which she said showed a slave with a neckpiece that looked similar to a slave collar. Ida Lockett’s post on Facebook showing her five-year old-son with his birthday present, which she said contained a ‘racist’ figurine. Photograph: Facebook post of Ida Lockett The character, appearing to be dark-skinned, with black hair, no shoes and tattered pants, came with instructions to put a grey choker-like piece around its neck. “This right here was found on his neck,” Lockett said. …

    October 8, 2015 2:44 pm


  • Wet paleoclimate of Mars revealed by ancient lakes at Gale Crater

    Related images(click to enlarge) We have heard the Mars exploration mantra for more than a decade: follow the water. In a new paper published October 9, 2015, in the journal Science, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) team presents recent results of its quest to not just follow the water but to understand where it came from, and how long it lasted on the surface of Mars so long ago. The story that has unfolded is a wet one: Mars appears to have had a more massive atmosphere billions of years ago than it does today, with an active hydrosphere capable of storing water in long-lived lakes. The MSL team has concluded that this water helped to fill Gale Crater, the MSL rover Curiosity’s landing site, with sediment deposited as layers that formed the foundation for the mountain found in the middle of the crater today. Curiosity has been exploring Gale Crater, which is estimated to …

    October 8, 2015 5:24 pm


  • Experts caution on study citing method to predict sexual orientation

    U.S. researchers on Thursday said they had found a way to predict male sexual orientation based on molecular markers that control DNA function, but genetics experts warned that the research has important limitations and will not provide definitive answers to a potential biological basis for sexual preference. Findings from the study, which has yet to be published or reviewed in detail by other scientists, were presented at a meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics in Baltimore. It followed 37 pairs of identical male twins in which one was homosexual and one heterosexual, and 10 sets of twins in which both males were homosexual. The study found that the presence of specific epigenetic marks in nine areas of the human genome could predict homosexual preference with up to 70 percent accuracy. The epigenome is sometimes described as molecular “switches” that can turn on or silence individual genes in DNA. Scientists believe epigenetic differences can …

    October 8, 2015 6:04 pm


  • Scott Disick Posts Nude Kourtney Kardashian Pic: “Now That’s 1 Hot Mama”

    Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2015 11:00am PDT       By X17 Staff This is an interesting version of an olive branch! Scott Disick split with partner Kourtney Kardashian back in July and has been spotted canoodling with model Lindsay Vrckovnik in recent weeks, but that didn’t stop him from posting a nude pic of his baby mama and publicly drooling over her on Instagram. “Now that’s 1 hot mama,” he captioned the snapshot, which is from photographer Brian Bowen Smith’s Metallic Life series. Despite The Lord’s very clear attempt to catch the brunette bombshell’s attention, it sounds like he has no intention of trying to repair their relationship. “Unless there’s a miracle, he’s not getting back with Kourtney. He feels free and ready to have fun. He’s no longer tied down. [He] feels free to do whatever he pleases, and that’s exciting,” a source dished to People. LD should stop torturing her and just let her move …

    October 8, 2015 5:04 pm


  • An Open Letter to President Obama as he travels to Oregon: We hear your deafening silence

    Mr. President, this past Thursday, Chris Harper Mercer entered a classroom at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and proceeded to ask his fellow students to stand up if they were Christians. When they stood, he shot them in the head. A few moments later, in Washington D.C., you took to the stage.  Your remarks lasted slightly over twelve minutes and in those comments you said absolutely nothing about Christians.  Nothing.  A twelve-minute speech and not one word about those who were targeted for execution. Mr. President, perhaps you can understand why we all watch with great concern as you prepare to visit the people of Roseburg. Christians are being beheaded in the Middle East and you have lectured us about the Crusades.  Christians have been killed in Charleston and you have preached to us about the National Rifle Association. Christians have now been singled out and murdered in Oregon and mum’s the word.  Why? …

    October 8, 2015 4:44 pm

Odd News

  • Australian car chase ends in Indian Ocean

    PERTH, Australia – A car chase in western Australian ended in the choppy waters of the Indian Ocean when a stolen car suspect drove the vehicle into the water to avoid the police. The soggy end was the culmination of a nearly two-hour chase. The police waded into the waves, surrounded the submerged vehicle and apprehended the suspect, according to local media.

    October 8, 2015 5:44 pm