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  • Officials say suspect in killings of California deputies was deported twice

    The suspect alleged to have shot three northern California sheriff’s deputies Friday, killing two, was deported twice and has a criminal record, federal officials said late Saturday.  A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said that the fingerprints of the suspected shooter match those of a man named Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte. Monroy-Bracamonte was initially deported to Mexico in 1997 after being convicted of dug possession in Arizona. Four years later, he was arrested and deported again for an unspecified offense.  ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT “The fingerprints were the basis for our request for an immigration detainer,” ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice told The Associated Press. The detainer requests that local authorities transfer him to federal custody after his case is adjudicated so ICE can purse his deportation, Kice said.  The suspect initially identified himself as Marcelo Marquez, 34, of Salt Lake City. He is charged with two counts each of murder, attempted murder and carjacking. The suspect’s wife, …

    October 25, 2014 10:53 pm


  • Early voting trends bring campaign adjustments

    By MICHAEL R. BLOOD October 25, 2014 Democratic Party volunteers call prospective voters to urge them to support Gov. Jerry Brown and other party candidates(AP Photo/Michael Blood) For over 1 million Californians, the Nov. 4 election is over. That’s because they’ve already voted. A growing throng of early voters in the nation’s most populous state — perhaps comprising half of all votes to be cast in California’s general election — has stretched Election Day into weeks. Candidates who wait until the end to close the deal with voters will be too late. “The election is not a one-day event anymore. It’s a 30-day event,” said veteran Democratic strategist Bill Carrick, who is spearheading Kennedy clan member Bobby Shriver’s campaign for Los Angeles County supervisor. The midterm elections are just over a week away and California is one of more than 30 states in which some form of advance voting is shaping the way campaigns must …

    October 25, 2014 9:31 pm


  • Brits may get paid for losing weight

    Research suggests cash incentives make obese people lose weight. Overweight Brits may soon find that shedding extra pounds would benefit their wallets as well as their waistlines. The UK public health service, the NHS, wants to encourage companies to reward employees who lose excess weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dubbed the ‘pounds for pounds’ program by Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper The Sun, the initiative is part of a plan to tackle an NHS funding shortfall that is forecast to hit £30 billion ($48 billion) by 2020. NHS executives plan to ask the cash-strapped government for £8 billion, but the rest will have to come from savings, including reducing spending on weight-related illness. “Put bluntly, as the nation’s waistline keeps piling on the pounds, we’re piling on billions of pounds in future taxes just to pay for preventable illnesses,” the NHS said. Almost two thirds of English adults are overweight or obese, with low income groups …

    October 25, 2014 2:25 pm


  • Stanton, Trout and Selig claim Aaron Awards

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins were selected as American League and National League winners of the Hank Aaron Award, Major League Baseball said on Saturday. The award, established in 1999 to honor the 25th anniversary of Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s career home run record, recognizes the top offensive performer in each league and is voted on by fans and a panel of Hall of Fame players. The 24-year-old Stanton batted .288 with 31 doubles, 37 home runs, 105 RBIs and 89 runs scored despite missing Miami’s final 17 games due to injury. Trout, 23, batted .287 with 39 doubles, nine triples, 36 home runs, 111 RBI, 115 runs scored and 16 stolen bases. Retiring commissioner Bud Selig was also presented with an honorary Aaron Award, in recognition of 22 years leading the organisation. “I was shocked, I don’t mind telling you. I’m …

    October 25, 2014 10:53 pm

World News

  • US midterm elections: the 10 key races to watch

    KENTUCKY SENATE Running Incumbent Mitch McConnell (Republican) v Alison Lundergan Grimes (Democrat) Snapshot There is no single candidate Democrats would love to knock off more than McConnell, their Senate nemesis, who is so close to becoming majority leader he can smell it. And if any Democrat can crack Kentucky, it may be Grimes, a 35-year-old rock-star secretary of state. Polling An average of projections has McConnell winning by 4 points. IOWA SENATE Running Joni Ernst (R) v Bruce Braley (D) Snapshot An early campaign ad for Ernst, a commander in the state national guard, featured her riding in leathers on her Harley to her gun club. Braley, a congressman and former trial lawyer, is famous for flipping out at his neighbour about her chickens running loose in his yard. A classic Iowa cliffhanger. Polling An average of projections has Ernst winning by 2 points. NORTH CAROLINA SENATE Running Incumbent Kay Hagan (D) v Thom Tillis …

    October 25, 2014 10:53 pm


  • Twitpic links, photo archive will ‘stay alive’ due to deal with Twitter

    Twitpic, the popular tool for sharing photos on Twitter, is calling it quits. But archived photos, and the associated links posted to Twitter, will live on for now. Users of Twitpic — the popular tool for sharing photos on Twitter — have been given a reprieve. The service, set to shut down today, said at the beginning of September that users had until the shutdown date to export their photos from the Twitpic domain — where they’d upload shots before linking to them in tweets. But TwitPic founder Noah Everett has announced that because of an agreement with Twitter, photos and links will be kept alive “for the time being.” “We weren’t able to find a way to keep Twitpic independent,” Everettt wrote in a blog item on the Twitpic site Saturday. “However, I’m happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to give them the Twitpic domain and photo archive, thus …

    October 25, 2014 9:32 pm


  • Decrease of genetic diversity in the endangered Saimaa ringed seal continues

    Related images(click to enlarge) The critically endangered Saimaa ringed seal, which inhabits Lake Saimaa in Finland, has extremely low genetic diversity and this development seems to continue, according to a recent study completed at the University of Eastern Finland. In her doctoral dissertation, Mia Valtonen, MSc, analysed the temporal and regional variation in the genetic diversity of the endangered Saimaa ringed seal. The population is only around 300 individuals divided into smaller sub-populations and with very little migration among between them. The study developed a method allowing the identification of individual Saimaa ringed seals on the basis of a DNA sample, and showed that placentas collected from birth-lair sites are suitable for the genetic monitoring of the population. The data of the study comprised tissue samples taken from discovered carcasses of Saimaa ringed seals and placentas collected from birth-lair sites, as well as reference samples taken from Baltic ringed seals and Ladoga ringed seals. Lowest …

    October 25, 2014 9:52 pm


  • U.S. nurse quarantined over Ebola calls treatment "frenzy of disorganization"

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Illinois joined New York and New Jersey in imposing mandatory quarantines for people arriving with a risk of having contracted Ebola in West Africa, but the first person isolated under the new rules, a nurse returning from Sierra Leone, called her treatment a “frenzy of disorganization.” Kaci Hickox, who arrived at Newark airport in New Jersey on Friday, described hours of questioning by officials in protective gear and what she said was a mis-diagnosis of fever, followed by a transfer to a hospital isolation tent. She said she worried about what was in store for other American health workers trying to help combat the epidemic that has killed thousands in West Africa. “I … thought of many colleagues who will return home to America and face the same ordeal. Will they be made to feel like criminals and prisoners?” she wrote in an article published on Saturday by The Dallas Morning …

    October 25, 2014 9:31 pm


  • Sexy Ladies Taylor Swift And Gwen Stefani Strut Their Stuff At We Can Survive Concert

    Posted on Sat Oct 25th, 2014 12:12pm PDT       By X17 Staff Getty Images for CBS Taylor Swift rocked the Hollywood Bowl Friday night, with celeb guests like Gwen Stefani in attendance to support the We Can Survive breast cancer awareness charity. Iggy Azalea, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande and other A-listers performed as well. In a sequined crop-top and white hot pants, the “Shake It Off” singer has been battling online piracy as of late — songs from her upcoming album 1989 were leaked online, though her record label promptly issued cease-and-desist orders and had the songs removed from YouTube and other sites. The album will be officially released October 27.   Stories from around the Web

    October 25, 2014 9:11 pm


  • The Foxhole: Graham Nash on CSNY, the Hollies and the choosing of life over death

    In the fall of 1969, the members of rock’s newest super-group, CSNY – an improbable and highly combustible vehicle for the individual and collective genius of David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young – were settling into the San Francisco area, preparing to record their first album together. These loose sessions would produce the landmark record Déjà Vu (1970), later ranked # 148 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Crosby, the nominal leader of the group, had set up digs in a rambling country house in Novato, thirty miles north of the city, with his two lovers, Christine Hinton and Debbie Donovan. Jerry Garcia, who would play pedal steel guitar on Nash’s pop classic, “Teach Your Children,” was a frequent visitor, as were other members of the Grateful Dead, who lived down the street. The sex, drugs, and freedom were highly intoxicating, and for the members of …

    October 25, 2014 1:10 am

Odd News

  • Florida man shoots 400-pound bear breaking into his house

    ORLANDO Fla. (Reuters) – A Florida man shot and killed a 400-pound (180-kg) black bear after it broke into his house two nights in a row to get to a bag of dog food, a state wildlife officer said on Friday. “I felt in danger enough that since it wouldn’t leave I had to shoot it,” said Victor Peters of Lady Lake of the Wednesday night incident in a video interview posted online by the Orlando Sentinel. Killing a bear in Florida is illegal. Wildlife officer Greg Workman of the Florida Fish Wildlife Conservation said he expects to hand the case to prosecutors by early next week for their consideration at the completion of his investigation. “It sounds like he did what he could do to try to keep the bear from coming back,” Workman said. “We’re looking at all sides to make the best decision.” Bears and humans cross paths, occasionally fatally for the …

    October 24, 2014 9:26 pm