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  • Judge tosses conviction in infamous ’90 NYC tourist killing

    NEW YORK –  A judge has thrown out the conviction of a man who has spent a quarter-century behind bars in a notorious New York City tourist killing. The ruling means a new trial in a case that helped crystallize an era of crime and fear in the nation’s biggest city. A Manhattan judge overturned Johnny Hincapie’s conviction Tuesday after a monthslong hearing on the 1990 death of Brian Watkins of Provo, Utah. Watkins was killed defending his parents from a subway-platform mugging while the family was visiting for the U.S. Open tennis tournament. An exonerated co-defendant and a witness who came forward in the last two years said Hincapie played no part in the attack. He said his confession was coerced. Prosecutors said there was “no credible newly discovered evidence.”

    October 6, 2015 11:09 am


  • Rubio seeks cap on regulation costs

    WASHINGTON Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Tuesday called for a crackdown on new regulations affecting U.S. businesses, proposing a dollar limit on the economic impact from any such rules. The U.S. senator from Florida, in excerpts released before his remarks on the economy to be delivered later on Tuesday, said Washington was over-regulating U.S. businesses and pledged to cut down on such rules that he said can cost billions in compliance. “I will place a cap on the amount regulations can cost our economy each year,” he said. “I will also require federal agencies to include an analysis of exactly how each proposed regulation would impact competition and innovation.” Rubio did not offer details on what the cap limit would be or how U.S. agencies would conduct such analyses, according to the excerpts. Increasing U.S. regulations have pushed American jobs overseas and encourage other countries to deregulate, Rubio said. Rubio, 44, trails several other …

    October 6, 2015 10:08 am


  • Bill Gross: Capitalism ‘can’t survive’ at 0% rates

    Many people think the time has come for the Federal Reserve to wean the U.S. economy off easy money. They point to improvements in the jobs market, the bull market in stocks and auto sales that have rocketed higher. But Bill Gross, the dethroned “king” of the bond markets, is taking it a step further. He argues the very existence of capitalism is threatened by the Fed’s extremely low interest rates. “Zero percent interest rates is destructive to the real economy because capitalism can’t survive at zero percent. It wasn’t meant to be that way,” Gross, a prominent bond fund manager at Janus Capital, told Bloomberg Radio on Monday. Related: CNNMoney’s Fear Greed Index still shows Fear … but it least it’s not Extreme Fear Gross was venting about the Fed’s decision last month not to raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. The central bank pointed to turbulence in the …

    October 6, 2015 10:28 am


  • NFL looking into Joe Haden’s late scratch with broken finger

    BEREA, Ohio (AP) The NFL has asked the Browns why Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden was inactive for Sunday’s game against San Diego after being listed as probable on the team’s injury report. Haden sat out with a broken right ring finger, an injury he sustained a week earlier against Oakland. Haden also hurt his ribs but was able to practice on a limited basis all week and was down as probable – a 75 percent chance of playing – on the week’s final injury report. However, after testing his hand during a pregame workout, Haden decided not to play. Browns coach Mike Pettine said Monday that ”we left it up to Joe, and he made the decision that he didn’t want to go.” More from FoxSports A league spokesman says it’s customary to check with teams when these instances occur. The Browns are required to submit a written explanation for Haden’s absence. — AP …

    October 6, 2015 11:08 am

World News

  • Ex-president of Hungary dies at 93

    Image copyright EPA Image caption Arpad Goncz was known to many Hungarians as “Uncle Arpi” Hungary’s first democratically elected president, Arpad Goncz, has died aged 93. Mr Goncz was jailed for taking part in the anti-Soviet uprising of 1956, but was released in 1963. He was elected by the parliament twice, in 1990 and 1995, and was credited with helping enforce the fledgling democratic constitution. His fatherly manner endeared him to Hungarians, who nicknamed him “Uncle Arpi”. Mr Goncz joined the resistance against the Nazis during World War Two and then became secretary of the Independent Smallholders Party, which won the first post-war election but was unable to prevent the communists from later taking control. He was jailed for life on treason charges for involvement in the abortive uprising of 1956, but was released in 1963 under an amnesty aimed at easing tensions with the West. Mr Goncz then worked as a translator and playwright …

    October 6, 2015 11:09 am


  • Destiny to introduce microtransactions and make future content drops free

    All the new story content for the next year of Destiny, Bungie’s first new franchise since it launched Halo in 2001, will be free, as the company continues with a major overhaul of the multiplayer online game following its troubled first year. To make up for the lost revenue from giving away the content for free, Bungie has announced plans to introduce microtransactions to the game for the first time, letting users spend real money to buy cosmetic items such as character gestures and visual changes to their “Sparrow” hover bike in game. Microtransactions are often viewed with suspicion by players, and Bungie seems keen to emphasise that the purchases, from the in-game Eververse Trading Company, will have no effect on the broader game. “If you’re not interested in what [the in-game vendor] has to offer, you won’t ever be forced to pluck an item off of her shelf,” the developers wrote. “You’ll still receive …

    October 6, 2015 10:28 am


  • Shape-Shifting Particles Win Two Scientists the Nobel Prize in Physics

    Some of nature’s weirdest particles have won two experimenters the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. Japanese scientist Takaaki Kajita and Canadian researcher Arthur B. McDonald will share this year’s award for the discovery that neutrinos—fundamental particles that come in three types, or flavors—can actually swap identities and change flavors as they fly through space. Their turn-of-the-millennium discovery not only revealed the strangeness of these shape-shifting particles—it also contradicted the Standard Model of particle physics. At the time, physicists predicted that neutrinos would weigh nothing at all. For neutrinos to change flavors, however, they must have mass. Kajita and McDonald demonstrated that neutrinos must therefore have a very small, but non-zero, mass. Exactly how much mass each neutrino flavor has remains one of the most important unanswered questions in physics today. “Neutrinos are puzzles,” Nobel physics committee member Olga Botner said during a press conference this morning. “This year’s Nobel Prize in physics honors a fundamental …

    October 6, 2015 9:08 am


  • Doctors Use 3D Printing to Safeguard Baby Before Birth

    TUESDAY, Oct. 6, 2015 (HealthDay News) — When Michigan doctors saw a large mass on the face of a fetus late in pregnancy, they feared it might block the baby’s airway at birth. The doctors didn’t know what the abnormality was, or if the infant would need lifesaving care in order to breathe. Use of 3D printing technology removed the guesswork, the team reported in the Oct. 5 online edition of the journal Pediatrics. It’s the first time 3D printing technology has been used in utero “to diagnose facial deformity and severity of airway risk with a newborn,” said Dr. Albert Woo, a pediatric plastic surgeon at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The problem surfaced when the mother-to-be, age 22, was 30 weeks into pregnancy. The mother underwent an ultrasound, but the imaging did not provide enough information because of the way the fetus was positioned. She then underwent an MRI, but again the doctors couldn’t …

    October 6, 2015 9:48 am


  • Lady Gaga Trips Over Her Ballgown Before Flying Out Of LAX

    Hope you have a nice trip, Lady Gaga! Mother Monster learned the perils of wearing a ballgown to the airport when a pap cut her off causing the singer to stumble over her long dress at LAX on Monday night. We gotta say, Gaga does not look happy about the snafu, pausing intensely after the snag. Hey Mr. Photographer, Lady G just threw you some serious shade! For the airplane ride, the 29-year-old wore the most travel-friendly ensemble, a cascading gown and huge heels. Only Gaga! We are definitely liking her move toward old Hollywood glamour, and less blood, guts and gore. Also is the “Applause” singer walking on a red carpet at an airport? Yes, yes she is. Meanwhile, Gaga is gearing up for her TV debut on American Horror Story: Hotel, which premieres tomorrow night. On AHS: Hotel plays The Countess, a 100-year-old hotel owner who has an insatiable appetite for orgies and …

    October 6, 2015 10:48 am


  • Supreme Court’s new term reminds us that a president’s picks matter… a lot

    Appointing justices to the Supreme Court is a president’s most lasting legacy, and the next president may appoint as many as three new justices. Each year these justices will rule on the nation’s most important issues, which this term range from the forced payment of union dues to racial preferences and the death penalty.  The Court’s fall term begins on October 5 — the first Monday in October. It’s no surprise then that the issue of judicial nominations came up at both Republican presidential debates. It was clear that conservatives have learned from the mistakes of prior Republican Supreme Court nominations. During the CNN debate journalist Dana Bash got right to the point and asked former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush whether Chief Justice John G. Roberts – who twice voted to uphold ObamaCare – should have been nominated to the Supreme Court. Bush nailed it, arguing that Supreme Court nominees should be have a “proven” “record of respect for upholding the Constitution,” that the president needs to be “willing to …

    October 6, 2015 8:28 am

Odd News

  • Flocks of sheep take over London’s Savile Row

    London’s Savile Row, home to Britain’s top tailors, was turned into a grazing meadow on Monday, with a flock of sheep filling the street to help raise awareness of the wool industry. Traffic was halted, turf was laid out and Bowmont Merino and Exmoor Horn sheep were brought in to help mark the start of Britain’s Wool Week, which runs until Oct. 11.

    October 6, 2015 5:27 am