• Eurozone rejects Greek bailout appeal

    Eurozone finance ministers have rejected a Greek government call to extend its bailout, just hours before it expires and a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) payment to the IMF falls due. The move came after ministers held an...
  • US and Brazil set big energy goals

    US and Brazil set big energy goals

    President Rousseff cancelled a visit to Washington in 2013 after claims the US had spied on her The US and Brazil have unveiled ambitious energy goals in a sign of growing co-operation after a spying...
  • California enacts tough vaccine law

    California enacts tough vaccine law

    Some parents’ groups have argued the bill is trampling on their rights California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that imposes one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the US. It would require...
  • Stressed Bouchard has no regrets

    LONDON Eugenie Bouchard was brutally honest after suffering a first-round defeat by China’s Duan Yingying at Wimbledon on Tuesday to end her hopes of repeating last year’s run to the final. The Canadian 12th seed,...
  • ‘Mass jailbreak’ from Yemen prison

    ‘Mass jailbreak’ from Yemen prison

    About 1,200 prisoners, including al-Qaeda suspects, have escaped from a prison in central Yemen, officials say. There were clashes at the prison in the central town of Taiz ahead of the break out. Yemen is...

Headline News

  • US and Brazil set big energy goals

    President Rousseff cancelled a visit to Washington in 2013 after claims the US had spied on her The US and Brazil have unveiled ambitious energy goals in a sign of growing co-operation after a spying scandal damaged ties two years ago. US President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced plans to up the amount of energy they use from renewable sources by 2030. Ms Rousseff cancelled a trip to Washington in 2013 after claims the US had been listening to her phone calls. Speaking on Tuesday, she said she had faith that such monitoring had stopped. “The US government have stated on several occasions that they would no longer engage in intrusive acts of spying on friendly countries,” Ms Rousseff told reporters after meeting Mr Obama at the White House. “I believe President Obama,” she said, adding that he would ring her if he wanted to know anything. The leaders of the two …

    June 30, 2015 3:59 pm


  • Top Congressional Races in 2016: The West

    By Nathan L. Gonzales Posted at 1:17 p.m. June 30 0 Tweet Heck is poised to jump into the race for Senate seat in Nevada that Reid is giving up. (File Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)   Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of regional looks at the most competitive House and Senate races to watch in 2016. The West Region includes Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Nevada Senate: Democrats have only a pair of vulnerable Senate seats, but retiring Sen. Harry Reid’s is one of them. GOP Rep. Joe Heck looks poised to enter the race at any moment, while Democrats are likely to nominate former state Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. The last Senate race in a presidential year was in 2012 when appointed-Sen. Dean Heller defeated Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley by a single point. Democrats are far more confident in Cortez Masto as a candidate, but she …

    June 30, 2015 12:59 pm


  • Mexico pulls out of Trump’s Miss Universe pageant

    Miss Mexico Vianey Vazquez competes during The 54th Miss International Beauty Pageant 2014 Donald Trump warned earlier this month that unsavory individuals are crossing the border from Mexico. Now the country won’t be sending anyone to Trump’s beauty pageant. The Mexican media company Televisa said it will not have a representative in the next Miss Universe pageant. Trump is a partial owner of the Miss Universe Organization, which oversees both the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants. Televisa and former Miss Universe Lupita Jones help run Nuestra Belleza Mexico, a national pageant that determines the country’s contestant for Miss Universe. Jones lashed out at Trump for his “racist comments.” “As a Mexican I feel very offended and outraged, like everyone else – as Miss Universe I think Donald Trump is harming the organization,” she wrote on Twitter. Related: Trump not backing down: ‘Mexico is not our friend’ Trump has suffered considerable fallout for remarks he …

    June 30, 2015 1:18 pm


  • Sepp Blatter not going to Women’s World Cup final in Canada as probes into FIFA continue

    ZURICH –  FIFA says President Sepp Blatter will not go to Canada for Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final, amid criminal investigations into soccer’s governing body. Secretary General Jerome Valcke will also be absent from the biggest event in women’s soccer. FIFA said “due to their current commitments in Zurich, the FIFA President and the FIFA Secretary General will remain at the FIFA Headquarters.” Traveling to Canada would have taken Blatter to the doorstep of the United States, where he is a target of the investigation into alleged soccer corruption. There have been no charges or accusations against Blatter — unlike two of his vice presidents, who remain in custody in Switzerland.

    June 30, 2015 3:59 pm

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  • Eurozone rejects Greek bailout appeal

    Eurozone finance ministers have rejected a Greek government call to extend its bailout, just hours before it expires and a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) payment to the IMF falls due. The move came after ministers held an emergency conference call. Greek PM Alexis Tsipras had requested a short extension to Greece’s current bailout, and a two-year rescue deal. If it fails to repay the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Greece could risk leaving the euro. Greece has also asked the IMF for more time, according to Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis. Eurogroup chairman and Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem said it would be “crazy” to extend the Greek bailout beyond its midnight expiration as Athens was refusing accept the European proposals on the table. Speaking after the conference call, he added that a Greek request for a new €29.1bn European aid programme would be considered later. The European Commission – one of Greece’s “troika” of creditors along with …

    June 30, 2015 4:20 pm


  • Apple Music streaming service and Beats 1 radio launch day – live

    The Apple Music launch represents a major upheaval for Apple’s digital music business, which until now has focused on selling music downloads through the company’s iTunes Store. The store remains open, but Apple is beginning the process of migrating digital music buyers to paying a monthly subscription for access to its entire catalogue of music. The base for Apple Music was Beats Music, the streaming service bought by Apple as part of its $3bn acquisition of Dre and Iovine’s Beats Electronics company in 2014. They, as well as Beats Music chief executive, Ian Rogers, and chief creative officer, Trent Reznor, have been prime movers in Apple Music along with longtime iTunes boss Eddy Cue. The new service’s roots go further back than that, however. In 2009, Apple bought a streaming music startup called Lala, and used its technology for the launch in 2011 of its iTunes Match cloud locker for storing music and accessing it …

    June 30, 2015 12:38 pm


  • Key element of human language discovered in bird babble

    Related images(click to enlarge) Stringing together meaningless sounds to create meaningful signals was previously thought to be the preserve of humans alone, but a new study has revealed that babbler birds are also able to communicate in this way. Researchers at the Universities of Exeter and Zurich discovered that the chestnut-crowned babbler – a highly social bird found in the Australian Outback – has the ability to convey new meaning by rearranging the meaningless sounds in its calls. This babbler bird communication is reminiscent of the way humans form meaningful words. The research findings, which are published in the journal PLOS Biology, reveal a potential early step in the emergence of the elaborate language systems we use today. Lead author Sabrina Engesser from the University of Zurich said: “Although previous studies indicate that animals, particularly birds, are capable of stringing different sounds together as part of a complex song, these songs generally lack a specific …

    June 30, 2015 12:39 pm


  • As U.S. Smoking Rate Drops, Smokers More Likely to Quit: Study

    THURSDAY, June 25, 2015 (HealthDay News) — As the number of smokers in the United States dwindles, those who still light up are becoming less attached to the habit and more likely to try quitting, a new study has found. These findings run counter to the theory of “hardening,” which has held that as smoking rates decline those who still smoke will be increasingly committed to their habit, said study author Margarete Kulik, a postdoctoral fellow with the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco. “The assumption is as smoking prevalence decreases, those smokers who are left will be the hardcore smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit,” Kulik said. “We found out that there is not hardening. There is softening. There is actually more quitting, and people smoke less.” The study was published online June 24 in the journal Tobacco Control. Dr. Norman Edelman, senior scientific …

    June 30, 2015 12:59 pm


  • Amber Heard Doesn’t Want To Be Defined By Being Bisexual

    Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2015 1:40pm PDT       By X17 Staff Amber Heard may be bisexual but that’s not all she is! In an interview with The Times, the Magic Mike XXL star said, “I don’t want to have to deny my sexuality in order to be me. But I don’t want to have to be defined by it,” she said. “I’m fundamentally opposed to trying to edit myself to be palatable or popular. I don’t give a f–k. I fight, but I shouldn’t have to.” Heard previously dated photographer Tasya van Ree before she married superstar Johnny Depp. Though she’s Mrs. Johnny Depp, the Rum Diaries maintains her independence. The blonde told Elle, “I have a fiercely independent spirit. The thing that really scares me is the potential of losing my freedom. I never want for my life to lose the ability to transverse the world, with freedom and ease. The freedom and ease I …

    June 30, 2015 4:19 pm


  • The United States of America: The one essential, exceptional, indispensible nation

    I’m proud to be an American because we have done something no other great nation in the history of the world has done – we have used our great power not to enslave others, but to enable them. I am proud because America is exceptional for many reasons:  for our constitution, our melting pot culture, our classless society, and because we, from our earliest days, have been the world’s land of opportunity. But it’s more than just our unique history, or geography, or resources, or system of government. It’s more than our ethnic diversity, our melting pot culture, or the land of opportunity, or our constitution that enshrines individual liberty. We are exceptional also because we have built into our national DNA the ability to reinvent ourselves both individually and as a society, socially as well as economically.    We began as a nation of farmers, but used our abundant natural resources to reinvent ourselves …

    June 30, 2015 12:59 pm

Odd News

  • Paris time lords extend Greek deadline

    PARIS By pure chance, Greece will gain fractionally more time to meet a midnight deadline on Tuesday to pay its IMF debts – thanks to a move by international time arbiters in the Paris Observatory to add one second to the world’s clocks. The so-called International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service charged with ensuring that earth time keeps pace with time measured by super-accurate atomic clocks ruled earlier this year that a tiny pause was needed to account for a gradual slowing-down in the earth’s rotation. The change, which will allow earth time to catch up with atomic time, will now take effect on Tuesday at the stroke of midnight Greenwich Mean Time, also known as UTC (coordinated universal time) in French. “Very exceptionally, the minute … will last one second longer than normal, that is, 61 seconds instead of 60,” the Paris Observatory, which houses the international time service, said in a statement. …

    June 30, 2015 8:36 am