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  • New York governor requires insurance companies to cover contraception

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that he was requiring health insurance companies to cover medically necessary abortions and most forms of contraception at no cost to women. Cuomo’s announcement comes on the same day that over a million people around the world took to the streets to protest Donald Trump just hours into his presidency. The ‘Women’s March’ attracted protesters who mostly sported pro-women and anti-Trump messages. Hundreds of “sister marches” were held in cities across the U.S. and internationally. Cuomo took to Twitter to talk about his effort to “firmly secure access to reproductive health services in New York State.” I’m proud to announce a series of actions to firmly secure access to reproductive health services in New York State. https://t.co/Mzx36yRsuE pic.twitter.com/AbX7mMtYaY — Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) January 21, 2017 This move by Cuomo would further protect and safeguard coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act. The state department of financial services …

    January 22, 2017 4:00 am


  • Trump order paves way for agencies to weaken health law

    WASHINGTON President Donald Trump is ordering federal agencies to undermine Obamacare through regulatory action, a move that could weaken enforcement of the requirement for Americans to buy health coverage and give insurers leeway to drop some benefits. Trump’s first executive order, signed hours after taking office on Friday, directs the federal government to scale back regulations, taxes and penalties under President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Republican lawmakers, who are working on new legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, praised the order as showing Trump’s commitment to gutting the program and lowering steep healthcare costs they blame on the law. Trump did not specify which parts of the program would be affected by his order, and any changes are unlikely to affect the government-funded or subsidized insurance plans covering more than 20 million people in 2017. Trump’s nominee to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Georgia Representative Tom …

    January 22, 2017 12:59 am


  • Toyota, GM and BMW warn against Brexit

    Some of the world’s leading car makers have come out in support of Britain remaining in the European Union. Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota (TM), BMW (BAMXY) and Vauxhall — owned by GM (GM) — said a vote to leave the EU (the so-called Brexit) could damage the U.K.’s booming car industry. The industry depends on exports. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said 80% of vehicles made in the U.K. are exported, with more than half of those sold to the rest of the EU. Dropping out of the EU single market — the biggest in the world — could damage those exports, the society said. The automotive industry supports 800,000 jobs across the U.K. and car manufacturing contributes £15.5 billion ($22.6 billion) annually to the U.K. economy, according to the SMMT. And the industry has just had a bumper year in 2015, producing the highest number of cars since 2005. Demand from China …

    June 20, 2016 5:40 am


  • Kings’ Cousins mocks ‘incredible’ referee call

    1:40 AM ET Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print comment CHICAGO — Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins used sarcasm to mask his frustration after a questionable call went against him late in Saturday’s 102-99 loss to the Chicago Bulls. With 15.7 seconds in regulation and the game tied at 99-99, Bulls guard Dwyane Wade stole the ball from Kings forward Garrett Temple and raced down the floor. Wade appeared to have an open dunk but missed it, and the Kings took the ball and ran back down the floor with a three-on-one fast break. But referee Michael Smith blew his whistle under the basket and called a foul on Cousins, who had been trailing the play. Replays showed Cousins lightly putting his hand on Wade’s back, but not in a manner that would have altered his dunk attempt. Cousins and the rest of the Kings’ bench were incensed at the call. After the …

    January 22, 2017 12:59 am

World News

  • Thousands converge for Women’s March nationwide

    Jan. 21 (UPI) — Protesters in Washington, D.C., and worldwide gathered Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington and other demonstrations following the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Thousands of people flooded Metro trains and other forms of public transportation and traveled from across the nation to gather outside the White House for the march on Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, people packed into common areas wearing pink hats in solidarity. Women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem thanked the crowd for showing up in such large numbers to the demonstration during one of the first speeches of the day, according to ABC News. “We have people power and we will use it,” she said. “This is the upside of the downside. This is an outpouring of energy and true democracy like I have never seen in my very long life. It is wide in age, it is deep in diversity.” She went on to praise leaders …

    January 21, 2017 8:19 pm


  • Tesla Model S cleared by auto safety regulator after fatal Autopilot crash

    The US auto safety regulator has cleared Tesla’s Model S of defects that could have led to the death of a man who collided with a truck while using the car’s Autopilot system. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found no cause to order a recall of the vehicles, which have advanced driver aids capable of maintaining speed and distance to other cars on the road, lane position and overtaking. It placed responsibility for the accident primarily on the driver, former Navy Seal Joshua Brown. A Tesla spokesperson said: “The safety of our customers comes first, and we appreciate the thoroughness of NHTSA’s report and its conclusion.” Tesla chief executive Elon Musk took to Twitter to praise NHTSA’s decision, highlighting the positives of its report. Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Report highlight: “The data show that the Tesla vehicles crash rate dropped by almost 40 percent after Autosteer installation.” January 19, 2017 US Transportation Secretary Anthony …

    January 22, 2017 12:39 am


  • Former Lawrence Livermore physicist begins jail term

    Behind bars: fraudulent physicist begins 18 month jail sentence A former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicist has been sentenced by a court in California to 18 months in prison for submitting false data and reports with the “purpose of defrauding a government agency”. Sean Darin Kinion, 44, who earned his physics PhD from the University of California, Davis, pleaded guilty in June to mail fraud and acknowledged that he was involved in “a scheme to defraud the government out of money intended to fund research”. In addition to his prison term, which will begin on 26 January, Kinion will have to pay $3,317,893 in compensation to the US government. He will also undergo supervision for three years following his release from prison. According to Lawrence Livermore spokesperson Lynda Seaver, the lab began to see “red flags” in Kinion’s work in late summer 2012 and, after initially putting him on leave, lab administrators sacked the physicist in …

    January 21, 2017 12:12 am


  • Almost 2 Million U.S. Kids Get Concussions a Year: Study

    MONDAY, June 20, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Close to 2 million U.S. children and teens may suffer concussions annually, say researchers who add that the prevalence of head injuries among American youth has been underestimated for years. Using data from hospitals, doctor visits and athletic trainers, the investigators estimated between 1 million and 1.9 million concussions occur annually among kids aged 18 and younger due to sports and recreation injuries. But more than half a million of these head injuries aren’t seen in emergency rooms or by physicians, which is why official tallies are usually too low, they noted. “There is a lot of uncertainty in how many concussions from sports and recreation occur each year because many concussions are not reported,” explained lead researcher Dr. Mersine Bryan, a pediatrician at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital. “Better surveillance for concussions due to sports and recreational activities is needed, so we can understand …

    June 20, 2016 10:01 am


  • Cinemax picks up ‘King of the Hill’ creator Mike Judge’s animated country music series

    Jan. 20 (UPI) — Cinemax has greenlit a new animated series from, Beavis Butt-head and King of the Hill creator Mike Judge. The series, titled Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus, will follow eccentric country music stars and is set to premiere at an undetermined date in 2017, Deadline reported. The half-hour animated comedy was picked up for an eight-episode series order and is currently in production. Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus will be Judge’s first animated series since King of the Hill, which featured several country music guest stars including including Willie Nelson, George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, according to Spin. Since King of the Hill ended in 2010 Judge turned his focus toward live-action series, helping to create HBO’s series Silicon Valley. Related Stories: Reba McEntire cast in new ABC series from ‘Desperate Housewives’ creator Marc Cherry ‘Hamilton’ star addresses Mike Pence from stage after show ‘Hamilton’ star addresses …

    January 22, 2017 3:20 am


  • The inauguration is why I love America

    The inauguration is why I love America. Of all the presidential events, from election night to the State of the Union, from press conferences to state dinners, the inauguration is my favorite for one simple reason. More than any other moment, the inauguration is a picture of our Constitution, proof that we are a nation based on representation, not royalty. In a single instance the three branches of government— the executive, judicial and legislative— come together for a united purpose.  A new president takes the oath of office administered by the chief justice of the Supreme Court while standing in front of the U.S. Capitol that houses Congress. This doesn’t mean that everyone is happy about the winner of an election, though many are.  But it does mean that this American experiment, the “sacred fire of liberty” as George Washington called it in his first inaugural, is still burning today. John F. Kennedy, who won …

    January 22, 2017 12:39 am

Odd News

  • $1M ‘100 percent Swiss Made’ watch made of real Swiss cheese

    Jan. 20 (UPI) — Swiss watchmakers H. Moser Cie poked fun at changes to the “Swiss Made” label by crafting a “100 percent Swiss Made” watch featuring real Swiss cheese. The company shared a video to YouTube advertising the “Swiss Mad Watch” made entirely in Switzerland using “the most precious Swiss material,” Swiss cheese. “H. Moser Cie is making Swiss Made great again with the Swiss Mad Watch, the most Swiss watch ever produced!” the company said. The watch features a case made of hardened Vacherin Mont d’Or medaille d’or cheese, a strap made of cowhide, and a red dial reminiscent of the Swiss flag, according to Forbes. The price of 1,081,291 Swiss francs ($1,077,734 USD) is also symbolic of the day the Swiss Federal Charter was signed on Aug. 1, 1291. “As you may know, since January 1, 2017, the regulations surrounding the Swiss Made label have been modified. Some see it as an …

    January 22, 2017 12:40 am